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Picture Perfect Pumpkins: A Round-up of our Halloween Competition

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Today is officially Halloween, meaning it’s time for us to announce the winner of our 2019 Halloween Competition! For the past week, we’ve held a competition on Facebook which has seen plenty of you submit your photos of the pumpkins you’ve carved for the chance to win a CEWE voucher.

We always love to see photos of what our customers and friends have been getting up to, and this time has been no different! With an impressive selection to choose from, the CEWE UK team huddled together and began the tricky process of deciding our winner. Join us as we look through some of our favourite entries and you might just pick up some pumpkin ideas for Halloween 2020!

Our Top Ten

The Winner! Dan Purdue – Wererabbit pumpkin

Wererabbit pumpkin

We’re no pumpkin experts, but when we saw this one we were particularly impressed by the intricate details – credit to its creator Dan for keeping a steady hand while carving! We’re told that this pumpkin also played a very important role as guardian of the pumpkin patch owned by Dan’s parents-in-law. He added, “They’ve been plagued by rabbits this year, so I’ve carved them a wererabbit to scare away those pesky bunnies!”

It’s top marks from us for this wonderful effort, and we’ve awarded Dan the prize of a £50 voucher to spend on any CEWE products. Congratulations Dan, you are this year’s CEWE Halloween competition winner!

Katharine Longton – A Portrait of Ridley the Dog

A Portrait of Ridley the Dog

It’s hard not to be swayed by a cute dog, but when it’s a cute dog sitting by a pumpkin with his face on, it’s even harder! This photo was submitted by Katharine Longton, who doesn’t think Ridley the dog looks too impressed with his pumpkin self. Nonetheless, we loved the idea and applaud the effort in carving a tricky design! There’s nothing quite like a seasonal decoration with special meaning.

Shell Bells – A Team Effort

A Team Effort

Thanks to Shell Bells who shared this brilliant picture of her three little ones who worked together to create this spooky masterpiece. We were especially impressed at the use of string for the eyes – who knew that thinking outside the box could produce an extra creepy result?! We’d like to say a huge well done to these three for producing such a great pumpkin!

Clare Perquin – Super Mario

Super Mario

This super pumpkin was carved by Clare Perquin for her Mario mad child, and we think it’s just brilliant! Those little details are tricky to get right, so Clare has our full respect for tackling this tough design. Though it’s not a spooky pumpkin, it’s certainly one we would love to put on display, and we’re sure Clare’s family have enjoyed having this little chap around over Halloween.

Samantha Mann – A Hungry Pumpkin

A Hungry Pumpkin

Everyone in the CEWE UK Digital team thought this was a fantastic idea for a scary Halloween pumpkin, and we couldn’t help but giggle at the ‘leg’ too! For its comedic value and expert carving skills, this hungry pumpkin has made our top 10 entries for this year – thanks to Samantha Mann for submitting her photo.

Dani Graves – Pumpkin twins

Pumpkin twins

What’s better at Halloween than when your pumpkin matches your costume? We were incredibly impressed by this effort, submitted by Dani Graves, that pays homage to The Night Before Christmas. It took us a few glances to spot the bats on the pumpkin too – bonus points for creativity!

Karen Louise Priestley – The Teletubbies

The Teletubbies

Now this is a pumpkin idea we’ve never seen before, and we really love it! This little Teletubbies fan carved his very own Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po to celebrate Halloween, and we just had to show the world the resulting adorable photo taken by Karen Louise Priestley.

Leanne West – A Creepy Collection

A Creepy Collection

Halloween is in full swing in this photo by Leanne West, and with not one but three pumpkins on the go, this one deserved to be recognised! We’re especially fans of the scary face this little artist is pulling too – this is definitely a picture for the next family photo book!

Becki Jennings – Peter Pan’s Treehouse

Peter Pan's Treehouse

We asked for pumpkins and you gave us pumpkins… and carrots! Not only is the Peter Pan treehouse pumpkin a special little work of art, it also comes complete with carrot ladder and crocodile. We loved the inspiration behind this idea and we think Becki Jennings’ partner and daughter did a wonderful job creating it!

Audrey Jestin – Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot

A little unconventional, but there’s really only one way to describe this pumpkin – spooktacular! The contrast of the painted outside with the fleshy orange is really unique and the eerie blue smoke adds an element of mystery to this Halloween creation. And as for those teeth… we wouldn’t want to mess with them! Thanks to Audrey Jestin for her contribution.

As we sign off on another fantastic Halloween competition, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share their photos. We loved looking through them and hope you enjoyed creating them just as much.

Hold on to those magical memories…

Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to get lots of seasonal snaps, and we’ve seen some brilliant ones over the past week. To celebrate the spooky season, explore our range of photo prints to keep a lasting record of your costumes, pumpkins and decorations. Printed pictures also make the ideal decorations for next year, too. Otherwise, keep your pictures somewhere safe on your device ready for when you create your 2019 yearbook – you won’t want to miss out these October highlights.

As always, we love to see what you create, so find us across social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and tag us in your pictures.

Happy Halloween!

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