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Say Hello to Panoramic Prints

Panorama of girl beside harbour.
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If you’re heading off on your holidays soon, or simply making the most of the warmer weather, the chances are you’ll find yourself taking some awesome photos over the next few months.

Whether you’re capturing the view from your sunlounger or snapping shots of the scenery, some photos simply look better taken from a wide angle. And what do you do with these panoramic pictures once you’ve taken them? Turn them into a work of art with our new panoramic prints of course!

From Your Phone to a Work of Art for Your Home!

It’s easier than you might think to take stunning panoramic photographs, in fact you probably have everything you need right there in your pocket!

Both iPhones and Android phones offer the option to take panoramic shots, so it really couldn’t be simpler to capture that landscape or lovely view in all its glory.

Once you’ve taken your perfect panorama, it’s time to order your print. Choose from three premium papers – Glossy, Matte or Pearl – to give your print a beautiful finish, and select one of our four panoramic sizes. Whichever option you go for, your panoramic print is sure to make an impact.

Panoramic shot of skier on slope.

How to Take the Perfect Panoramic Photo

By seamlessly stitching together multiple images to create one single photograph, your smartphone allows you to capture stunning panoramas at just the press and hold of a button.

Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t mess up your next photo opportunity…

  • Choose your subject carefully ~ Panoramas are best for capturing slow-moving moments, so stick to landscapes and stationary objects.
  • Hold steady! ~ A steady hand is key to panoramic perfection, so make sure you follow the on-screen guide on your phone to take a level photograph.
  • Slowly does it ~ The slower you move the camera, the better the result you’ll achieve, so take your time.

Panoramic shot of lake with boats.

Top Tip

Looking for an extra-special gift idea? Why not create a panoramic collage using one of our great layouts? It will make a perfect present for any special occasion, or a fantastic way to show off your holiday snaps.

Create A Panoramic Photo Print

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  • Michael Arrowsmith says:

    You should do vintage polaroid style prints. They could look good in a little box with a bunch in or maybe in w little flip book, or just a pile of them on a desk looks nice- could also offer “giant polaroids” which coul be big wall posters but look like massive Polaroid photos

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