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Sustainability at CEWE – How We Help Protect Our Planet

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At a time when it’s becoming increasingly important to take care of the world in which we live, sustainability has never been such a crucial topic. The photo printing industry relies heavily on raw materials, especially paper, and as a part of this industry, we recognise our responsibility to ensure that our impact is as minimal as it can possibly be.

At CEWE, we’ve always taken pride in our approach to protecting the environment, with sustainability deeply rooted in our corporate culture. From our headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, right through to our photo printing lab here in Warwick, we’re doing all we can to not only offset our own carbon footprint but also to contribute to environmental, social and cultural projects across the globe.

Climate-neutral CEWE products

Did you know? Each CEWE PHOTOBOOK, piece of Wall Art, Card and Photo Calendar we produce is certified climate-neutral.

That’s right! When you buy any CEWE branded product (that includes all Photo Books, Wall Art, Cards and Calendars), you can be sure that its production has contributed net-zero CO2 emissions to the atmosphere thanks to the work we do with our environmental partners.

Through our links with the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor Project in Kenya, the carbon emissions of each CEWE product are offset through reforestation, and because we’re conscious of our environmental impact as a business, we’ve made sure this comes at no extra cost to the consumer.

The Kasigau Wildlife Corridor Project works tirelessly to protect the country’s dryland forest through reforestation and conservation, and we’re thrilled to support them through our collaboration with ClimatePartner. You can find out more about the work of the project here.

FSC Certification – Sustainable materials

Not only do we offset our carbon emissions, but we’re also proud to say that all materials used across the entire production chain in each of our photo labs in Europe are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. This means that each and every material used to produce our photo products, as well as the packaging they arrive at your doorstep in, has been meticulously assessed across a number of environmental and sustainability credentials.

Forest Stewardship Council

We’ve had our FSC sustainability certification since 2013, and it signifies that our production methods match up to the strict criteria outlined by the organisation. FSC-certified materials must comply with national laws as well as respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and adhering to stringent environmental protection requirements.

We hope our FSC certification offers you the reassurance that when buying your personalised CEWE-branded photo product, your purchase will never negatively impact the environment it was sourced from or the people who live in it.

Supporting community projects across the world

Although our environmental credentials are something we’re incredibly proud of, we’re just as proud of the charitable work the CEWE Group supports in local communities. Our long-term charity partner is SOS Children’s Villages, an independent charitable organisation that operates across the globe to provide vital support to disadvantaged children. With their work extending across over 135 different countries, we’re proud to help make a difference to not only their social and cultural projects but also to the lives of youngsters across the world.

As part of our work with SOS Children’s Villages, members of the CEWE team had the opportunity to travel to Kumasi in Ghana to engage in a photography project. As well as documenting the everyday life of the residents of Kumasi, the team also handed out disposable cameras to the children of the village so they could try their own skills out too!

How can I do my part to help the environment?

If we’ve inspired you to take action to help protect the world we live in (and we certainly hope we have!), we’ve put together three simple steps you can take towards a better future for our planet. However small you feel your impact may be, our collaborative effort to turn the tides and be more mindful of how we treat our environment and those who inhabit it will work towards a huge collective result. Here’s how you can do your part:

Shop responsibly – Where possible, avoid products with non-recyclable packaging. Choosing goods packaged in recyclable materials is a way in which you can help reduce landfill and support sustainable alternatives.

Save water – Be mindful of your water usage by taking showers instead of baths, not leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth and trying to water the garden or wash the car a little less. Every little helps!

Spread the word – Use your voice to encourage others to practice good habits that help the environment. Together, through a collective and sustained effort, we can make a real difference to our world.

Travel responsibly – If you can get from A to B on foot instead of by car, or by train instead of by plane, take the less polluting option where possible. According to the WWF, responsible travel is one of the most efficient ways to lower your own carbon footprint.

Make a donation – If you are in a position to donate any amount of money to a charity focused on protecting our planet, your contribution can make a huge impact. Similarly, the WWF suggests adopting an animal or setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser as more ways to contribute.

For more ideas on how to do your bit for the conservation and protection of our planet, visit this handy guide on the WWF website or this useful list of 50 small, achievable ways in which you can help.

If you would like to read more about CEWE’s commitment to sustainability, social and cultural issues, you can read more over on our dedicated page.

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