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Create A CEWE PHOTOBOOK Starring Your Pet

CEWE PHOTOBOOKS for your pets
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CEWE PHOTOBOOK starring your pets

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they make the cutest models. Our pets just beg to be photographed! It’s little surprise that so many of us like to fill our memory cards and social media feeds with our pet pics. Why not bring those digital pictures out into the real world and really celebrate your furry friend’s best moments? Your pet could be the star of their very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite photobooks, created by our pet-loving customers. We’ll share some tips and advice along the way, to help spark your creativity and get you itching to create. These books have been created with our CEWE Design Software, which offers many more customisation options than creating online. So if you’re feeling inspired, hop over here and hit that download button before you get started.

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK For Niska The Husky


Think About Your Structure

Before you get started adding pictures to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, take a moment to think about your book’s structure. Will you organise your book chronologically by month or season? If you’ve raised a puppy, kitten or any other animal from their tiny days, it’s difficult not to be amazed by how quickly they change. Niska’s photobook celebrates her first year with her owner, and we love the way that her book captures the little husky growing up over the months.

In this customer’s example, we particularly liked how each chapter had an appropriate motto to give the images context.

Choose Your Font Wisely

The white lettering placed against a dark background really helps your font stand out and keep it legible. It’s big enough to be readable, yet doesn’t dominate the picture. And of course, the cute little husky is definitely still the centre of attention.

The Full-Page Photo

A full page photograph makes a strong impact. We love the way this customer example combines the large full-page photo with smaller photos on the opposite page, to keep the design interesting. The use of smaller photos is also a great way to include your lower resolution photographs that might not look as good covering a whole page. Keep an eye on the smiley face in the toolbar at the top of the screen in our design software, it will let you know if your image is high enough resolution.

Coordinate Your Background

The wintery background on the right side of this example works beautifully with the full-page photo on the left, providing a setting for the smaller images that fits thematically without appearing too cluttered. Our CEWE Design Software offers many built-in backgrounds that are perfect for this purpose. If you can’t find a background you like, appropriate harmonic colours can look stunning too.

Simple, Yet Effective

The right hand page design showcases the smaller photos really well. The use of a subtle frame helps each image stand out, while keeping a good level of spacing between the images and the borders of the page ensures that the design remains simple and not confusing to look at.

We have plenty of page layouts to use in our software, which you can edit to your liking. Use the filter on the left column to select “3 photos per page” and drag in your design layout. Experiment to find out which layout suits your pictures the best.


CEWE Photobook with Cat

Showcase Your Pet’s Personality

We loved this customer photobook starring Tinka the cat. This expressive landscape shot bursts with personality, and beautifully captures the details in Tinka’s eyes and fur. Notice how the picture overlaps a double page for extra emphasis, but is positioned to ensure none of the focal points or details are lost in the gutter between the pages. For more design freedom, try our specialist Layflat papers and avoid gutters and creases altogether.

Thoughtful Shading

The edge of the photograph on the right has been shaded to create a softer, more dynamic effect. You can create this effect within our software with the “shadow” tool. Simply select your image, and select “shadows” which is located within the “Frames etc.” section in the top toolbar.

Gradients And Masks

Shadows aren’t the only way to play with effects in the CEWE software. Check out the “Masks & Frames” tab on the left hand navigation, and you’ll find a selection of gradients to play around with too. The gentle fading effect gives the photo on the right a softer edge. It’s also been rotated, for an informal scrapbook style.

Get Creative With Clipart 

Our software has many pieces of playful Clipart ready and waiting for you to use. You’ll find them under the “Clipart” tab on the left hand menu. While too much Clipart can overwhelm your pictures, we enjoyed the way the customer in this example repeated the paw print to look like tracks. It almost looks like Tinka has run across the pages of the book, perfect for the pet with a cheeky personality.

Play With Colour

Just like the husky puppy book, here the customer has considered their design options carefully to avoid a cluttered background. The muted brown colour compliments the images beautifully, and lets the stunning greens of the foliage and Tinka’s eyes take the viewer’s attention.

cewe photobook with pet cat

We love seeing the photobooks our customers make. The creative ways you use our software and the beautiful pictures you take never fail to inspire us. If you’d like to see your book featured in a future blog post, upload your work to the CEWE Community pool. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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