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Create a Unique Year Book

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So we know you’re great at taking photo’s and capturing all those precious moments, but how great are you at doing something with them? Don’t keep your awesome photos tucked away in your computer,dig them out and start reliving the good times.Gather all your best shots from the year in a photo book and enjoy your favourite moments in one beautifully presented place. You could even create one every year and start an annual tradition… it’s a lovely way of reminiscing with family and friends, and looking back through the years at how things have changed.


First things first – Get organised!

You’ll need the photos you’d like in your book all in one place. Add all your favourite pics to one folder on your computer so it’s super easy to access them from the creator software. It’s a good idea to break your book into sections so it’s more of a story than lots of random photos. Here’s a few ways of organising your book…

  • Break your book into seasons or months to keep a strong recurring theme throughout
  • Highlight any special places you’ve travelled to, it’s great to look back at all the places you’ve been and people you’ve visited!
  • Include plenty of photos from Birthdays and Anniversary’s, so you can remember how you celebrated in style
  • You could even dedicate the whole book to a significant event that’s happened during the year. For example if you’ve had a new arrival, a ‘Baby’s 1st Year’ book is perfect! First year at school, first year of marriage, first year at university…. the list is endless!

Along with getting your photos in order, it’s also a nice touch to add plenty of prompts for your memory in years to come! You could include quotes or funny things people might have said at the time of the photo or event. Add poems and song lyrics to add depth and meaning to your photos. Scan in tickets, notes, drawings, paintings and anything else that might trigger a special memory from the year.


Don’t forget about videos

You can add videos to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK! The first dance at a wedding or the kids Christmas play can now be captured in your photo book as a video, using QR technology.

Next step… embellish!

You can make creating your photo book as simple or involved as you want. You can opt for our pre designed layouts and simply pop in each photo, or take your time and go to town with all the fancy backgrounds and templates we offer. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help get you creating…A simple way of adding a scrapbook feel to your book is with borders. You can add different border colours and widths to photos, plus a drop shadow to give a ‘stuck on’ effect. A thin white border looks great around photos, couple this with a drop shadow and jaunty angle and you’ve got the perfect scrapbook effect! Even better, add a ‘sticky tape’ clipart to some of the corners to finish off the look perfectly.


Take advantage of our ‘colour’ cliparts, there are loads of colours to choose from and you can move them anywhere you want, stretch them to any width or height, and even change the opacity! Perfect for making text a little easier to read over photos, or for filling in any blank gaps with a pop of colour!



Make sure you add titles and captions to help you remember what you got up to. There’s plenty of scope when editing your text… use different fonts and play around with colours and alignment to help your text compliment the theme of the page.

Did you know?

The software uses fonts already installed on your computer! So if you have any favourites, they’ll be ready to use when you open the software.


Top tip: Start creating your next year book now! Our creator software allows you to save your projects every step of the way so you can revisit at a later date. Update your book each month and you’ll have a ready made year book by the end of the year… you’ll definitely thank yourself come December.

Want more info on our CEWE PHOTOBOOKS? Check out the photo book range here.

Ready to get started? Download our free Photo Book Creator Software here to get started

On a mobile? You can now create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK straight from our free downloadable app!

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