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How to Create Your Own Guide Book

Photo of the Vatican City
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Unless you can hunt down a charity shop bargain or get lucky on eBay, travel guides can be quite pricey. Once you’ve paid for your flights, booked your hotel and treated yourself to some new swimwear, you probably don’t fancy spending a fortune on a guide book.

Unfortunately we can’t help you before you go, but we do have an idea for when you come home. Save your friends and family the same trouble and create your very own travel guide inspired by your holiday.

Combine your photos with your newly-acquired local knowledge to make a rough guide that no holidaymaker should leave home without. And if you ever return to the same spot yourself, you’ll have all your insider know-how to hand.

Here are a few tips to help you bring your guide book to life.

Organise it into sections

Whether by region or by activity, organise your guide into sections and it will be much easier to navigate – both through your book and through the place itself!

Rome section of travel guide

Scan in mementoes like maps and tickets

Make the pages more interesting and add colour by scanning in maps and tickets to use as backgrounds.

Recommend your favourite spots

From bars and restaurants to the very best beaches, make sure you include plenty of personal recommendations to really make your rough guide your own.

Restaurant recommendation section of travel guide

Add a video tour

Design your book with our Creator Software and you can include video clips too, letting you share a mini video tour of your destination.

Include your Instagram snaps

Don’t let those lovely pictures stay hidden on your Instagram account. Add them to your guide by uploading them directly to the software in just a few clicks.

Instagram travel guide

Start designing your rough guide to your favourite holiday destination by downloading our Creator Software.

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