Design Tips for Your New York Photo Book

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New York is a photographer’s paradise, and if you’ve been lucky enough to visit the Big Apple this year, maybe it’s time you turned those holiday snaps into a photo book. Capture the bustling energy of this captivating city in your own New York photo book and you’ll have a unique way to relive your American adventures again and again.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you design your Big Apple book.

Choose a Simple Layout

The hustle and bustle of your New York photographs will look best in a simple layout. Let your pictures speak for themselves, enhanced by a simple mask from the selection of Masks & Frames.

New York Book
Blur the Background

You can set one of your favourite photos as a page background or as a background across two pages, but if you want to overlay other photos on top, we recommend blurring the background. Double click on the image to open the photo editing tools then select Blur to give your photo that stylish hazy finish.

Blur background

Straighten the Horizon

Taken a shot of that stunning New York skyline, but it’s a bit wonky? Open the photo editor and select Straighten under Adjustments to put everything back on an even keel.

Straighten horizon

Customise with Clip Art

Under the Cities and Countries sections of Clip Art you’ll find no end of themed graphics to customise your pages with. Remember to click More to view and download the full range, for no extra cost!

New York Book

Begin designing your book today and turn that once in a lifetime trip into a once in a lifetime photo book!

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