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Five Ways to Enhance Your Photo Book Cover Design with Highlights

Travel themed photo books with gold text and icon highlights
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When it comes to your designing your photo book cover, there are infinite ways to customise and add your own special details to the finished product. But if your book deserves the special treatment, you can enhance your photo book cover design with our beautiful Highlights, which are available when you order through our CEWE Design Software. They’re a gorgeous addition that gives the design details on your book a touch of shine, with a raised effect similar to embossing (for more information about how our Highlights are made, hop on over to our Highlights page). Best of all, they’re fully customisable, and can be applied to text as well as clipart, frames and even backgrounds, so you can tailor them to suit your unique style. Read on for five of our favourite ways to use Highlights to compliment your photo book cover design.

1.Get Festive with Traditional Gold

Christmas Photo Book Cover Design

Is there any colour scheme that evokes more Christmas cheer than red and gold? Chocolate coins, sleigh bells and fairy lights… all the festive trimmings look their best in gold! So why not treat your Christmas photo book to some extra sparkle? Lean into the festive decadence of the season with gold Highlights used across multiple design details; intricate corner pieces, and stars carefully arranged around your cover image. You can find all of these pieces of clipart within our software.

Software tip: Resize and rotate the stars to create a pattern that looks less uniform.

Gold highlights on a custom photo book

Top it all off with a title in gold Highlight text in a cursive font, for a nod to the nostalgia of handwritten gift tags and Christmas cards.

2. Get Creative with Clipart

If you’re working on a professional portfolio to showcase your work, adding Highlights can be the finishing touch that gives your photo book cover design a really professional finish. But this doesn’t just apply to text; don’t underestimate the potential of using clipart to accent your work too. You can completely transform the effect of clipart simply by adjusting the size, orientation and even colour. For this book, we’ve taken a standard piece of clipart, rotated and enlarged it. The image works well with the clipart because they’re both abstract pieces, but when put together, the Highlights work as a frame for the image, drawing the eye to the focal point. It’s an effect that’s sure to impress potential clients!

Portfolio Photo Book Cover Design Ideas

Software tip: If you’d like to expand your selection of clipart to work with, more can be found to download under the red “More” button in our software. Simply click to browse even more designs to create with!

3. Compliment the Colours of Your Photograph

The great thing about our gloss Highlights is that they are transparent and can be applied over any colour. So you still get the shiny, raised effect, without compromising on your colour choices. This is great if your photo book cover design features a strong colour scheme, that silver or gold Highlights might clash with. Make the colours in your photography really pop by colouring your highlights to match your photograph. In this colourful seaside holiday photo book, it’s actually the background that features the Highlights, applied to the anchors on the design. It compliments both the beach theme and the blue colours of the image, but the photograph is still the star of the show!

Cover design for a holiday photo book

Software tip: There are multiple backgrounds in the CEWE Design Software that feature gloss Highlights. To find them, you can select the “Gloss Highlights” filter in the drop-down menu.

Highlights on a photo book

4. Make Your Titles Stand Out

Sometimes, splashing the title across the centre of your front cover just doesn’t work with the cover image you’ve chosen. Many images are best complimented with the title moved to the bottom or corner of the book, so as not to obstruct faces or other key focal points. However, sometimes this can make your title seem diminished, or of lesser importance. Using highlights can draw the viewer’s eye and their attention to the title, without detracting from the photograph. For this wedding photo book, a silver Highlight is used to compliment the cool grey and white tones of the photograph.

Wedding photo book cover

5. Take Inspiration from Popular Colour Trends

Metallic accents have enjoyed a surge of popularity in home and fashion trends recently. Gold in particular is very popular right now, often paired with deep jewel tones or pale pastel colours. With some custom Highlights, you can bring that colour inspiration to your CEWE PHOTOBOOKS too! Surround your photographs in a light, dusky pink background, and add a boost of glamour with shining gold Highlights. This is great for photo books you’d like to display on shelves, as you can create a photo book cover design that compliments the decor of your room.

How to design your photo book cover with highlights

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to get creative, you can design with Highlights when you create your photo book through our CEWE Design Software. Alternatively, if you’re looking for further inspiration you can view other peoples’ CEWE PHOTOBOOKS or add your own finished projects over at our CEWE Community pool.

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