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Top 3 Reasons to Create a Photo Book Today

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As things are slowly starting to open up again, and with the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones outdoors, now is the perfect chance to make some new memories! When you’re out and about, remember to take photos as much as possible, from the beautiful spring scenes around you on family days out, to the smiles on everyone’s face as you reunite.

Why not bring your special moments from any recent outings or reunions into your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK? We’ve put together our top 3 reasons why you should start creating your photo book below.

1) It Will Bring You Joy

Creating your own compilation of your favourite photos from your long-awaited reunion with friends and family is a wonderful way to relive the joy it brought you. Get the children and other family members involved and design your photo book together, adding little anecdotes and funny stories to your finished book. There are plenty of stylish, yet meaningful Clipart that you can add to bring the emotion and joy to life, including beautiful typography graphics such as “You make me smile,” “Thankful” and “Because every picture tells a story” – to name a few!

Top tip: Browse through the full range of Clipart in our handy Creator Software. Our favourite typography graphics can be found under the categories ‘Yearbook’, ‘Family’ and ‘Travel’.

large square photo book open showing forest image and typography page

2) The Best Way to Share Your Memories

Regardless of what size photo book you wish to create, your CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect way to share and showcase your memories with friends and family. For a great conversation starter when you first catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, collate your best moments from over the past twelve months into a lockdown memory photo book. Perfect for flicking through with loved ones, you’ll get to reminisce as you tell the stories that accompany each image – and have a beautiful keepsake to look back on in years to come too!

Top tip: Playback your favourite video memories. From your little one riding a bike for the first time or a new skill you learned, you may have captured those special moments as a video. Simply upload your video into the Creator Software and a unique QR code will be created so you can play your memories back with friends and family too.

Mother and son looking over their personalised photo book

3) Turn Memories into a Keepsake

Keep your most treasured memories alive in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. It’s a wonderful way to preserve your memories and look back on special occasions or milestone moments in years to come. A photo book filled with precious moments will make a thoughtful gift for the children as they grow up too. Document what they got up to during lockdown or make the most of the new memories being made as life returns to a sense of normality.

Top tip: You may not feel that some small everyday moments are worth documenting, such as a new recipe you’ve wanted to try or your children engrossed in their latest toys. After the year we’ve had, we feel that all the little moments are just as special as big occasions – which is the perfect excuse to turn them into an everlasting keepsake!

Photo book with baby photos for 21 birthday present

Create Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK Today

Document all those special moments, from the small everyday memories to the big long-awaited reunions with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while and collate them in your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. It will bring you so much joy as you piece it together, share it with your loved ones and have it as a beautiful keepsake to look back on in future.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your photo book today with CEWE. Don’t forget to share your creations with the CEWE Community for your chance to win a £50 voucher each month, in addition to 10% off your next order.

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