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Travel Guide Inspiration: Whitstable Love

Personalised photo book created as travel guide
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travel guide inspiration Whitstable

It’s time to explore. Spring is in the air and the sun is finally giving us a little more face time. If you want to make the most of it, days out, road trips and weekends away are definitely on the agenda. One of the best ways to explore the country is to get a little more off the beaten path- or rather, off the busy M6! The UK is full of beautiful towns and villages to explore, and with the help of route-planners, sat navs and trusty Google, it’s easier than ever to pack a picnic and find somewhere new to wander through.

That’s exactly how Nic Hildebrandt, of LuziaPimpinella.com, discovered the picturesque town of Whitstable.

Travel Guide InspirationIn a serendipitous turn of events, Nic planned a stop at the Kentish seaside location while route planning a road trip. Her interest was piqued by the town’s famously good oysters, but from the moment she drove through the winding main street, she felt an instant affinity with the place.

“Do you know that feeling? I believe that love at first sight is not only between people, but also between people and places,” says Nic, “We like each other, Whitstable and me.”

It’s easy to see why Nic loves this gem of a town so much. Whitstable has escaped being heavily commercialised, and with its working harbour and winding streets, has hung on to a traditional seaside feel. The town is known for its seafood, especially shellfish- great for foodies! It also boasts colourful rows of seafront houses and glorious sunsets, providing lots of opportunities for keen photographers.

Travel Guide Inspiration

“This little coastal town had the irresistible radiance of creativity, joie de vivre, and relaxation. It also turned out to be an El Dorado for foodies like me! People who love to enjoy local delicacies.”

Nic understands the value of sharing your passions, and she loved the small Kentish town so much that she decided to commemorate the experience by creating her own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Not just as a keepsake for herself, but also to share with others. As we all know, enthusiasm is infectious! Many of Nic’s friends had expressed an interest in visiting the Kentish town on their own travels. So she created a food-lover’s guide to share with them, with tributes to all of her favourite cafes and bars in the area.

We loved the idea of creating a travel guide to share with family and friends. Fond memories, combined with useful tips and personal recommendations. Here are some of our top tips and advice for creating a travel guide of your own.

Our Travel Guide Tips

We recommend the Square Photo BookIt measures in at 21 x 21 cm, making it a handy size for carrying around on your travels. There’s plenty of room to showcase your pictures, while also easily fitting into bags and suitcases.

Choose a Hardcover, to make your guide extra sturdy. Travel guides aren’t meant to sit on shelves. They accompany us on our adventures, and get flipped through and referred to often.

Travel Guide Inspiration Photo Book

Select the paper type that suits your unique photography style. Our True Matte paper will make the most of black and white photography, while High Gloss will make rich, vibrant colours shine.

Keep your layouts simple and straightforward, avoiding too much clutter. A little white space gives your photographs room to work. For Nic’s travel guide, she stuck to only one or two photos per page, and recommends any text gets a page to itself.

Take the time to carefully consider your font choice. Even if your CEWE PHOTOBOOK doesn’t contain a lot of text, the font you choose makes a huge impact on the overall effect. “I use a maximum of two fonts throughout the whole book,” explains Nic, “and I love it if the fonts fit in with the visual style of the photographs.”

Travel Guide Inspiration Photo BookKeep the text relatively short. For a travel guide, Nic recommends sticking to a few pieces of relevant information, such as addresses, opening times and tips. But resist the temptation to share your travel stories. “Since my travel and restaurant guide is also intended as a gift, I want to leave the recipient the freedom to discover their own stories without too much influence.”

Get creative with your choice of topic. Every holiday is unique, and every place you visit might inspire you in a different way. As a foodie, Whitstable’s seafood was the first thing to capture Nic’s attention. So it’s no surprise that she felt inspired to create a guide to dining in the picturesque seaside town. But you might prefer to create a guide recommending the most beautiful hidden beaches of Barbados, cycle routes in Finland, or a shopaholic’s guide to Paris.

Every location you visit has something unique to offer. If something sparks your passion, grab your camera and capture the theme for your most unique CEWE PHOTOBOOK yet. If you’re really proud of your work, why not add your photo book to our new CEWE Community pool? It’s a place to share your photo books with like-minded people and get inspired by their work too. Like everything we create here at CEWE, it’s your talent that makes it possible. We’d love to build a community of creative people who love photography and design as much as we do.

Whitstable. Photography by Nic Hildebrandt

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