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Travel Photo Book Inspiration: A Proposal In Nepal

travel photo book inspiration showcasing lay flat binding
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In our previous blog post, we had a chat with Louis and Sarah, of popular travel blog Salt and Coconuts. We caught up with Louis to talk about the travel photo book he made following their romantic trip to Nepal, where Louis proposed to Sarah.

couples photo book inspiration with salt and coconuts

Like many of us who enjoy travelling and photography, Louis and Sarah take plenty of pictures. But Louis felt that the photographs from such a special holiday deserved appropriately special treatment. “I feel that sometimes we forget to print photos as we can just splash them all over Facebook and Instagram,” he tells us, “but it’s nice to have a selection of your ‘best bits’ and be able to physically hold and display them in places around your house, so they’re always there to enjoy.” Often it’s having a particularly important story to tell that prompts our customers to make their first CEWE PHOTOBOOK. “I really loved making this book, having never done it before. There’s so much that you can do with the CEWE Design Software. Within a few minutes you can feel confident with how it all works and how you can create a book in your own kind of style.”

couples photo book inspiration with salt and coconuts

Travel Photo Book Design Tips From Salt And Coconuts

Every CEWE PHOTOBOOK is as unique as the experience that inspired it. Best of all, every element of it is designed by you, giving you full freedom to get creative. Louis gave us some insight into his own design process for his extra special travel photo book “For me, making a book that was filled with photos of all shapes and sizes was really important and I loved that you can either use the existing templates that CEWE provides you with or just improvise and create your own kind of shapes” says Louis, who used a combination of small and full-page images. He chose our Matte Photographic paper, which features our Layflat binding,  giving you the opportunity to seamlessly spread your images across a double page, perfect for panoramic shots. Louis experimented with positioning and layout to allow space to add text to his work, giving him the opportunity to add an extra level of detail. “Because there were so many words that could be used to describe our Nepal adventure, I really wanted to include as many of these as possible. I think using the text feature helps to bring meaning to the photos and, certainly in our instance, add another dimension to the photo book.” Louis also took advantage of our video feature, which cleverly allows you to add video footage to your travel photo book. Simply upload your video to be stored in our servers, and a QR code will be added to the pages of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Allow your family and friends to scan your code with their phones, and they’ll be quickly and easily able to view your footage. 

travel photo book with layflat paper

“One of my favourite features was definitely the opportunity to incorporate videos in to the photo book. It’s great that not only can you see pictures and read text, you can also bring it all to life with a video. I was so happy that I managed to get some drone footage in to the book and make it somewhat three-dimensional.” Louis and Sarah were thrilled with the results. Creating a travel photo book has given the couple a lovely new way to share their adventure with their family and friends, which is especially important for landmark occasions such as an engagement.

An Engagement Keepsake to Treasure

Louis and Sarah have used their photo book to create an engagement keepsake they’ll treasure forever. “It’s great that we get to share the book with others and allow them to relive some of that excitement with us,” says Louis. “Getting engaged was by far the best day of our lives, for many reasons. I don’t think we’ll ever get over just how perfect it was, and to have access to those memories on our coffee table means that the memories are always at the forefront of our minds.” We loved how Louis and Sarah’s travel photo book is so full of personality and character. From the beautiful photographs, through to the creative design choices and the words they shared, it tells a story that is uniquely their own. If you’d like to read more from them, you can read their travel blog at SaltAndCoconuts.co.uk or follow them on Instagram at @salt_and_coconuts or @find_louis.

travel photo book with QR Code

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Whatever plans you have for this year, whether it’s big life events or exciting holiday adventures, we’d love to see your stories too. If you’re proud of your creations, you can upload your CEWE PHOTOBOOK designs to our CEWE Community pool, or browse for photo book ideas and inspiration.

Proposal Photo Book Ideas and Inspiration

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