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Wedding Photo Book Inspiration with Ross and Fiona

Wedding photo album created by Ross and Fiona with CEWE
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Wedding season is in full swing, and for those of us here at CEWE that means we’re lucky enough to see plenty of beautiful wedding photo book examples coming through our UK printing lab. We love seeing so many happy couples turn into happy customers, and we fell head over heels for this romantic wedding photo book by Ross and Fiona from Warwickshire. They kindly agreed to let us share a peek into their special book with you.

beautiful wedding photo book example

There’s nothing like looking through wedding photo book examples to get you feeling excited to make a wedding photo book of your own.

Wedding Photo Book Ideas and Inspiration

Tell a linear story

One of the great things we love is how it tells the story of Fiona and Ross’ wedding day from beginning to end. The first few pages feature images showing the groomsmen and bridal party getting ready, and from there the book flows through the whole day from wedding ceremony through to night time reception.

If you’re considering making your own wedding book but don’t know where to begin, putting the photos in linear order is a great way to get started. It helps convey the moods throughout the day, and it gives context to all of your pictures.

Ross and Fiona Wedding Photo Book Dog

Show your personality

Every wedding is unique, and you can make your wedding photo book just as personal too! We loved that Ross and Fiona’s dog was a part of the wedding party, and even had a cute little coordinating collar. So of course, the lucky pup gets a whole page to himself!

Show the moment from every angle

Wedding photographers often take hundreds of photos, and many of them will be of the same key event, like signing the register or cutting the cake. When it’s time to compile your wedding photo album, it can be difficult to choose your favourites, but with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK you don’t have to because you choose and lay out the photos yourself. So why not choose all six pictures of you cutting the cake or four pictures of signing the register? It’s a special moment, so show it from every angle!

Get creative with layouts

make a wedding photo book

Don’t be afraid to get really creative with the various page layouts. We really liked this double page, which features lots of negative space on one side to reflect the serene sea views in the images; juxtaposed with overlapping photographs of friends and family crowded together talking and laughing, reflecting the feeling of familiarity and closeness.

Both of these layouts use templates from our software, and it’s a great example of how they can be used with creative effect.

Give your cover the attention it deserves

The cover is the first impression your book makes, so it’s worth giving it a little extra attention. We appreciated how the choice of photographs for Ross and Fiona’s wedding photo book was so cohesive, with the couple laughing on the front, and their feet walking away across the same beach on the back cover.

luxury wedding photo books with cewe

We also really liked how they got experimental with the text. The font used is Function, which comes ready to use within our software, but written with an extra space between each letter. The result is aesthetically pleasing, the text stands out and looks like a title, but in a way that’s subtle and understated.

Tips for Creating Luxury Wedding Photo Books

We help people create photo books for every occasion, from celebrating new babies to commemorating a pleasant weekend away. However wedding photo books are extra special. Many of our customers want to give their custom wedding album the full luxury treatment, this is where CEWE really excel!


Ross and Fiona Wedding Photo Book

Our unique custom Highlights are a gorgeous addition, with a tactile raised effect similar to embossing. We’ve spent years perfecting this technique in our specialist printing lab, and the results are straight up stunning! (They also helped earn us a prestigious TIPA Award, not to brag or anything.)

Ross and Fiona opted to add custom Highlights in silver. We love how well it compliments the cool greys, blues and whites of the rocky beach location and cliffs. Our Highlights can be added to both text and select pieces of Clipart, and this book makes use of both. The use of the wedding ring Clipart alongside the date on the back cover makes for a simple yet classy finishing touch.

Photographic Paper Types

Our range of  Photographic paper types are perfect for luxury wedding photo books. The pages are thick and smooth (weighing in at a delightful 300gsm, for you paper aficionados!) and are printed using a light-based chemical process to ensure all of your photographs are vibrant, high-contrast and with smooth gradients. Fiona and Ross opted for our Matte Photographic Paper. This paper type is great if you want to feature lots of black and white photography in your wedding photo book, as the matte surface avoids glare and reflections, keeping dark areas looking clean and sharp. Fiona and Ross’ wedding photo book features black and white photography as well as full colour, and even the smallest images still look sharp and fully detailed.

wedding photo book ideas

Layflat Binding

All books made with our Photographic paper types feature Layflat binding. Like the name suggests, this means that when you open your book up the pages will lay completely flat, and there’ll be no unsightly gutter between the pages either. Ross and Fiona’s book takes full advantage of this. Like many couples, they had plenty of wide panoramic shots taken on their big day; not just the venue and landscapes, but also wide group shots of family and friends altogether. Fiona and Ross were able to spread these images across double pages without cutting anyone off, and without losing any detail in the seam between the pages.

coffee table wedding photo book with layflat binding

The Layflat binding also lends itself particularly well if you’d like to create a coffee table wedding photo book. Leave it spread open at a favourite page, inviting your guests to take a peek!

We always love it when newlyweds choose to make a wedding photo book with us, and we’d like to thank Ross and Fiona for letting us share their lovely book.

If you’re feeling inspired to make a wedding photo book of your own, we’d love to feature it on our blog! Drop a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we’ll be in touch.

Alternatively you can share your photo books in the CEWE Community pool, it’s a great place to get photo book inspiration and connect with other creative people. Plus every month we pick one book from the pool to win a £50 CEWE Photoworld voucher, as our little way of saying thank you to everyone who contributes.

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  • Doug Keill says:

    Over the last 10 years I have compiled a number of Photo Books of various holidays. Ross & Fiona’s Wedding Book provides great ideas and variations of style which I will incorporate when I put together another Photo Book. Thanks to Ross & Fiona for sharing their book.

  • Laura says:


    We are thinking of doing our album ourselves using your softwar/website – what are your prices for a A4 wedding album with 100ish photos?


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