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Your Year in Review with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

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It’s a saying that we all use quite frequently – but time really does fly! If it feels like yesterday that you found yourself welcoming in 2019, we want to encourage you to pause for a moment and collate your memories ahead of making new ones in 2020. We are firm believers that a yearbook is the best way to look at your year in review.

No doubt you’ll have taken hundreds of photographs on your phone – but how often do you take the time (or have the time!) to look back at them? A CEWE PHOTOBOOK allows you to have your memories from 2019 in the palm of your hand, ready to pick up when you feel like reminiscing. In a nutshell, we’re serving as a friendly reminder to get started on your annual photobook!

Are you ready to create your very own 2019 photo book? Regardless of what you got up to, we have tons of photo book inspiration that will help you re-tell your story in the best way possible.

Celebrate a New Arrival

Did 2019 see your family extend with the cutest bundle of joy? If yes, then congratulations!

year book photo book

Capture their first few months, weeks, or years with their very own Square Photo Book. We all know that newborns change every day, so make sure you’re prepared for the ever-changing years ahead of them by capturing photos from when they were tiny.

If you have family or friends that are a bit further away and might not be able to pay a visit in those early newborn days, a Pocket Photo Book is 15 x 11cm and is easy to pop in the post. With the soft cover, its small enough to place in a letter, but is sure to make a big impression!

Marital Bliss

Did you tie the knot this year? Then re-live your magical day all over again.

wedding photo book

Before taking your vows, you would have spent time and effort choosing the perfect photographer for those all-important photos. Now the day has come and gone, why not preserve those cherished photos forever? An XXL Landscape Photo Book is our biggest book, which makes it ideal for your big day. A photo book is a great gift for friends and family too, so they can also reflect on your special day for years to come.

An impressive addition that will take your photo book to the next level is that you can add video via a QR code. A QR code is a type of bar code that, when scanned with a camera on any phone, will send you to a video. Its easy to add in the software and even easier to use in your photo book as it works in the same way as you would add photos. Simply drag the video into the book and a QR code will be generated for you.

wedding photo book

Our unique custom Highlights are a gorgeous addition. This tactile raised effect can be applied on text and Clipart and is similar to embossing. Highlights add an extra layer of detail and decadence – and your wedding photo book deserves nothing less.

Your Engagement Story

Perhaps you haven’t quite said ‘I do!’ just yet – but you may have said ‘Yes!” Your engagement story is definitely one to remember and deserves its own moment to shine before the big day. A CEWE PHOTOBOOK of your engagement is also a great way to relay the story to your loved ones (not that you’ll ever tire of telling it!) If it was a particularly fun or original engagement, our wide range of Clipart in the CEWE Design Software will help breathe life into your story too.

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK Pure is perfect for documenting your engagement as its quick and easy to create. To get started, download the app on Google Play or the App Store and select 22 photos from your phone.

From there, you can personalise your cover with seven unique styles and add text to the inside pages. Once ordered, your CEWE PHOTOBOOK Pure will be with you within 4-5 working days and packaged in a stylish slipcase.

Travel Photo Book

We all love booking a holiday, looking forward to a holiday and going on holiday – but there’s always too much time between your next adventure. Ease the wait before the next time you board by creating a photo book of your travels from 2019. Nothing helps speed up the process by going through your holiday snaps!

Whether you’ve embarked on a holiday of a lifetime, visited a loved one or taken a well deserved family holiday, remember to preserve those special moments with a dedicated photo book. You’ll love reflecting back on those happy, smiley faces and will thank yourself for taking a moment to preserve a memory.

Top tip – A Large Landscape Photo Book is ideal for your holiday photos and travel snaps. As the name suggests, the landscape format is perfect for landscape pictures, panoramic shots and large group photos!

travel photo book

Month by Month

If you’d prefer to reflect on your year as a whole, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is a great way to capture the best of each month. Choose your favourite photos and dedicate a double page spread (or more!) to each month. This way, you’ll feature everything you got up to and will help remind you of the timeline of your year too.

If 2019 was a busy year and you have a lot of photographs, sorting them into seasonal order is great way to organise your thoughts. Start your annual photo book with winter snaps in the snow and work through holidays such as Easter, sunny bank holidays and… Christmas!

From capturing your little ones’ first Autumn afternoon, to birthdays and family events, there is no limit when it comes to preserving your memories.

yearbook photo book

Top Tip – If you select a Photographic Paper (Classic, Gloss or Matte) your photo book will have a Layflat binding. This means that there’s no gap or gutter between pages, letting you create seamless double page spreads of your panoramic photos and lovely landscape shots.

Your 2019, Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Regardless of the photo book you’d like to create, we have a range of options for you to be inspired by. From an XXL Landscape Photo Book to a Small Photo Book, if you have memories that you want to preserve, we have something perfect for you. With 6 paper types to choose from, you can rely on our high quality photobook service to deliver your ideal printed photo book. After all, printing photos is what we do best!

Head on over to our photo yearbook page for more tips, tricks and inspiration when it comes to creating your 2019 yearbook.

travel photo book

Your photographs illustrate happy memories as they’re being created, and we pride ourselves on printing them to the highest standard.

Here’s to the memories you create in 2020!

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