Baby wrapped in towel

Tips for Capturing Your Bundle of Joy on Camera

You can easily take lovely pictures of that little bundle of joy in the comfort of your own home. Here are our top tips for taking photos of... READ MORE

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Capture a Winning Sports Photo for Our World is Beautiful

Sport is a massive part of our culture, from the Sunday morning kick about to the must-win, stadium-filling match, from Olympic medals to school sports days. We’ve had... READ MORE

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blog light

Traffic Photography: Capturing Light Trails

Traffic is frustrating when you’re behind the wheel, but when you’re behind the lens it can be much more appealing. Ever wondered how to capture night time traffic... READ MORE

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Tips for Building Your Architectural Photography Skills

Whether you’re on a city break or your lunch break, you’ll never be too far away from interesting, intriguing or inspiring architecture. Even the most mundane buildings can... READ MORE

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A Guide to Mastering Travel Photography

Travel photographer Kimberley Coole has spent the past decade exploring all corners of the globe with her camera, working as a photographer for Lonely Planet, as well as... READ MORE

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Woman taking photos at coast

Absolute Beginners: Five Essential Tips for New Photographers

Think photography is something other people are good at that you’ll never be able to master? Think again! Whether you’ve recently treated yourself to a new camera, or... READ MORE

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Red Squirrel

A Guide to Nature & Wildlife Photography

Photography offers the perfect excuse to spend many a happy hour in the great outdoors. Whatever the weather or the season, heading out with your camera is a... READ MORE

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How to Take Photographs of People

Although we’re surrounded by potential subjects, taking photographs of people can still be a challenge. We all frequently take photos of our friends and family, but what if... READ MORE

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White Cliffs of Dover

Landscape Photography Tips for Our World is Beautiful

If you’re not familiar with Our World is Beautiful, where in the world have you been? (Hopefully somewhere sunny and exotic where you’ve been busy taking lots of... READ MORE

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Girl in the snow

Top 10 Tips For Winter Photography

  It’s that time of year when we’ve spent far too much time snuggled up indoors and some of us may have a dose of cabin fever! We... READ MORE

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christmas day pet

How to Take Fantastically Festive Photos on Christmas Day

After weeks of shopping, wrapping, decorating and merry-making, the big day is almost here. With your tree looking tip top, colourful presents all around, and the whole family... READ MORE

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bokeh christmas trees

Simple Steps to Snazzy Bokeh Photos

In the simplest terms, bokeh (pronounced BOH-keh) is out of focus light. Those little floating circles of light you get in blurred out backgrounds…that’s bokeh! You can get... READ MORE

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Tricks to Help Your Firework Photography Go with a Bang!

Remember, remember the fifth of November...and don’t forget your camera! If you’re heading out to enjoy some firework fun this Bonfire Night, we’ve got some top tips to... READ MORE

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Five Simple Tips for Successful Group Photos

Why take a photo of someone special, when you can take a photo of lots of special people! Whether you’re taking pictures of your pals or want to... READ MORE

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Foot in puddle

How to Take Photos on Rainy Days

When it comes to taking photos in the UK, rain is pretty much guaranteed. Whether it’s January or July, your photos can be disrupted by anything from drizzle... READ MORE

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Monk welcoming the sunrise

Steve Davey Shares More Travel Photography Tips

Travel photographer Steve Davey has taken stunning shots in every corner of the globe, so who better to share their top tips for capturing fantastic travel snaps? Wherever... READ MORE

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Girl with camera

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Kids

Before the kids head back to school, why not hold an impromptu photo shoot to capture them enjoying the last days of summer? We’ve put together a few... READ MORE

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Film cameras

Improve Your Digital Photography: Pretend You’re Using Film

Apart from a few enthusiasts who continue to use film, the medium has been all-but replaced by digital photography techniques. Even so, there are a few things you... READ MORE

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Sports Photography: How to Take Gold Medal Standard Photos

You might not be jetting off to Rio this summer, but if you do find yourself enjoying the sun (fingers crossed!) at a sporting event, we’ve put together... READ MORE

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Kid with camera

Snap Happy Kids: Teaching Photography Basics to Children

If you love photography and want to pass this passion down to your little ones, we’ve put together this handy guide to help them get started. You never... READ MORE

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Moored boat with rule of thirds grid

The First Rule of Photography Club: The Rule of Thirds

Disappointingly, the first rule of Photography Club isn't to not talk about Photography Club (that's the second rule). In fact, the first rule of Photography Club, and one... READ MORE

Jun 27 2016 2

Taking a photo

Indoor Lighting: How to Take Better Photos Inside

Whether it’s simply too rainy to head outside to take pictures or you want to capture your family relaxing at home, we’ve got a few tips to help... READ MORE

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GoPro Travel Photography Tips: Become a Pro Before You Go!

So you’ve treated yourself to a GoPro ahead of your next holiday and you’re starting to get to grips with how it works. As well as capturing those... READ MORE

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Night time photography

Tips for Taking Awesome Photos After Dark

Your holiday doesn’t end when the sun goes down, and neither should your photo taking! Whether you’re out and about exploring the city at night, strolling beside the... READ MORE

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How to Take Lovely Landscape Photos

Landscape photographs are a holiday maker’s favourite, especially when you’re lucky enough to be holidaying in a particularly picturesque place. We’ve put together some handy tips to help... READ MORE

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Sunset on phone

How to Capture Spectacular Sunset Snaps

No holiday album or photo book is complete without a stunning shot of a sunset or two, but how do you capture the brilliant beauty of this special... READ MORE

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Wedding guest taking photo with phone

12 Tips for Capturing Summer Events on Camera

April showers may keeping us on our toes but the lighter evenings have arrived, which means summer is just around the corner (promise!). And with the sun's arrival comes the... READ MORE

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Marathon in progress

How to Photograph Fast Moving Objects on Your Phone

Do you find it difficult to capture moving subjects on your phone? You either miss the shot completely or it just turns out blurry? Action shots can be tricky... READ MORE

Apr 18 2016 0

Sunset on phone

Top 10 Holiday & Travel Photography Tips

Whether you’re jetting off to somewhere exotic or discovering more of the UK, the one thing you know is that it’s going to be an awesome trip! Wouldn’t... READ MORE

Apr 06 2016 1

Baby wrapped in towel

Tips for Capturing Your Bundle of Joy on Camera

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a photo shoot to capture beautiful photos of your baby. You can easily take lovely pictures of that little bundle... READ MORE

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Dinner with fries

How to Take Food Photos that Look Good Enough to Eat

After a busy festive season of three course dinners and splashing out on gifts, January is the time to stay indoors in the warm, save your pennies, and... READ MORE

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iPhone camera

How to Capture a Time-Lapse Video with Your iPhone

Did you know that your iPhone has a pretty fancy feature that lets you take time-lapse videos? Cool right? If you have an iPhone 4S or later, running... READ MORE

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Christmas tree

Photo Tips for a Snap Happy Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to capture some lovely photos of your family and friends. From smiling faces as they open their gifts, to your delicious dinner or... READ MORE

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Macro flower shot

Master Macro Photography in 4 Simple Steps

Macro photography might sound complicated, but it's easier than you think to capture stunning close-up shots with your camera. Follow our 4 simple steps and you'll be a... READ MORE

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Smartphone photography

How to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone

If you’re not the type to carry a camera around with you, you’re probably relying on your smartphone to capture those unexpected moments. The good news is you... READ MORE

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Meteor shower

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower

We’re in for a celestial treat this week as the annual Perseid meteor shower makes its way across our skies. The best times to spot the shower will... READ MORE

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