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Autumn Photography Ideas to Fall For

Scenic Autumn Photography Tips
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As the days get chilly and the wooly jumpers come out, autumn is well and truly in the air. You might be feeling sad it’s not summer anymore, but we reckon autumn is a fantastic season when it comes to taking great photos.

Get your wellies on, get your camera ready, and head outdoors to make the most of what autumn has to offer. Here are a few autumn photography ideas to get you started.

Capture the Colour

The rich colours of autumn make it a photographer’s dream. Even after the leaves have fallen, they’ll still make for a fantastic photo, so snap away before they get swept away! Try to take photographs in the early morning or evening. The midday sun can be too harsh for your autumn photos. When the sun is lower, it gives a soft glow to your surroundings and can enhance nearby vibrant colours.

The transition from summery greens to oranges, browns, yellows and sometimes reds is stunning. So why not try some beautiful autumn leaf photography? Macro photography is a great way to capture all the most intricate details.

Autumn photography tip: To bring out the best colours, take photos with a low ISO. It keeps photos as sharp as possible. Watch out when taking photos as it starts getting dark – low ISO could make your photos appear too grainy.

Feeling proud of your pictures? Showcase them in a photo book.

Leaves on ground

Enjoy an autumn sunset

Head to your favourite spot to capture the landscape looking its autumnal best as the sun sets.

Snapping the perfect sunset can take a lot of perseverance. So make sure to check weather forecasts in advance to try and reduce disappointment.

As the sun is setting, light levels change much more quickly than they do in the middle of the day. The same is true for sunrise as well. Don’t be afraid to keep adjusting the exposure to match the surrounding light levels.

Autumn photography tip: Try capturing the reflection of the sun over water. The rays will leave a light trail across the surface of the water, widening as it gets closer to you. The effect makes for some truly stunning autumn sunset photography.

Colourful photos like this one will make the perfect canvas prints for your home too.

Autumn sunset photography

Get the kids involved

What’s better than wrapping up warm and heading for a stroll, crunching through autumn leaves? Autumn portraits are very popular, especially photos of kids playing with leaves. But Little ones can be reluctant to pose for photos, so instead head outside and capture them having some autumn fun. They won’t even notice the camera when they’re busy playing!

Want to make the most of those vivid colours?. The contrast between yellow leaves and navy clothing can be particularly effective, so plan what you’ll all wear ahead of your “spontaneous” photo shoot!

Autumn photography tip: Throwing, kicking or generally playing with leaves adds a dynamic sense of movement. Set your camera to a very fast shutter speed, low ISO (around 200) and a low aperture to avoid your camera focusing on an individual leaf and blurring everything else.

Autumn portraits with falling leaves

Don’t forget the dog!

Taking the dog for a brisk autumn walk? Why not and take your camera along too? Taking natural photos of your pets outdoors is a great way to capture their personality. Let an excitable puppy run through a pile of leaves and snap them in action! Dogs tend to have a relatively short attention span, so trying to get them to sit still and pose isn’t always easy. Instead, give them the chance to run around, but keep your camera on them – you never know when you’ll get a good photo opportunity.

Autumn photography tip: Going for an action shot of Rover? Set your camera to tracking mode and set your shutter speed as fast as possible for sharp images.

These seasonal shots will make great photos for next year’s calendar.

Dog in autumn photography

Take a step back

From the leaves on the ground to the tops of the colourful trees, take a few steps back to ensure you capture the whole stunning picture. For autumn landscape photography, make use of any natural and man-made lines. Rivers, trees and mountains are ideal natural lines, while roads, buildings and bridges will give structure to the composition of your urban landscape shots.

Autumn photography tip: If you want to capture all the details in larger scenes, use a wide-angled lens. It gives you much deeper focus.

Autumn leaf photography

There you have it – five awesome autumn photography tips for you to try in the coming season. And once you’ve captured the season in all its glory, why not turn your photos into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK to enjoy all year round?

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