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Tips for Taking Awesome Photos After Dark

Night time photography
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Your holiday doesn’t end when the sun goes down, and neither should your photo taking! Whether you’re out and about exploring the city at night, strolling beside the beach after dark, or simply enjoying your holiday spot after hours, it might be handy to get to grips with night time photography ahead of your next trip.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you capture brilliant holiday snaps even after the sun sets.

Night time photography

Plan Ahead

Scope out the best spots to take impressive night time photos during the day. If you want to capture cool light trails, look for the busiest areas for traffic, or find an interesting bit of architecture that might look particularly dramatic in the dark.

Whichever spot you choose, get there as the sun sets and you’ll be able to capture some stunning sunset snaps and take advantage of that magic “golden hour” before you get underway with your night time photography.

Night time photography

Take a Tripod

If you’re serious about taking great photos after dark, you’ll need the right kit – namely a tripod. Less light means slower shutter speeds, which means that you won’t be able to hold your camera steady for long enough to capture your picture. For the sharpest results, set up a tripod.

Night time photography

Capture Lovely Light Trails

This trick is perfect if you’re on a city break. To get the best pictures of light trails, try to take your shots when there’s still some light in the sky so it doesn’t appear black and featureless.

Find a spot near traffic lights or where the traffic is busiest, and use a slower shutter speed to capture the longest trails. If your photo comes out too bright, choose a smaller aperture. Equally, if it’s too dark, increase the aperture size.

Night time photography

Master Night Time Portraits

Flash is not your friend when you’re trying to take pretty portrait photos, so try to avoid it where possible and use ambient light instead. Just after sunset is a good time for this. If you do have to use your flash, decrease the intensity, or if this can’t be changed, cover the flash with a translucent piece of paper to act as a diffuser.

Night time photography

There you have it, four tips to help you take awesome photos after dark. Now when you’re out for cocktails or exploring after the sun sets on holiday, you won’t need to leave your camera behind!

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