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Back to School Photo Tips

back to school photo tips
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It’s that time of year again! Your social media feed is about to be flooded with pictures of kids in school uniforms, posing against a door and looking extra cute in their brand new school uniforms. Starting a new school year always feels exciting and momentous, so it’s no wonder we all like to capture the moment. Instead of grabbing a quick phone snap as you head out the door this year, why not devote some time to taking some beautiful high-quality shots? Whether you want to share the moment with your friends and family on social media, or create a gorgeous cover photo for your child’s year book, follow our back to school photo tips and start this school year off with your best photos yet.

Don’t Rush Your Back To School Photos

take some silly poses with your back to school photosAs with any photo shoot, it’s best if you’re not pressed for time! For many of us the school mornings can be a bit of a rush, and a child who’s not yet back into the routine of getting up early for school might not be a very cooperative photography subject. Organise your photo shoot in advance, perhaps a day or two before your child goes back to school, and take your time. If mornings aren’t good for your schedule, shoot in the evening to capture a similar golden light that you might find on an early Autumn morning. Photo shoots can be a great way to bond and spend time with your kids, so make your back to school photos fun! Take some silly outtakes, strike fun poses and pull some crazy faces to help your child get into the mood.

Get That A-Door-Able Photo

Back to school photosWhy are so many back to school photos taken by the door? Because it makes a great backdrop, with clean, tidy lines and little distracting clutter in the background.  It’s also a very convenient place to catch some natural light, if the inside of your home doesn’t always get much sun. If you’d like to try taking a photograph in the same spot year after year to show how your child grows, the front door is a perfect, constant location. You’ll easily be able to see how much taller your child has grown over the past year, from the height of the panels and handle. It’s also a lovely way to capture one of the key features of your family home.

Keep their Hands Busy

back to school photo tips- keep their hands busyThe right hand positioning can completely elevate the pose of a photograph, especially when it comes to children. A child with their hands hanging limply down their sides can look bored or awkward. Occupy their hands by giving them a prop to hold, such as a book bag, books or pencils. You could also reference their extracurricular hobbies, such as posing with a football if they’re on the school team, or a musical instrument if they take music lessons. Alternatively, suggest a pose that suits your child’s natural personality; try a relaxed look with their thumbs in their pockets, confidant with hands on hips, or throwing you a cheeky thumbs up.

Take a Classic Headshot

School uniforms are cute, but it can also be surprising just how much your child’s face changes over a single year. Crouch down and shoot at eye level, then get in close and use the zoom function until your child’s face fills most of the frame. Your focal point should be your child’s eye that’s closest to the camera, for a natural, comfortable look. You’ll want good lighting for this kind of shot, so it’s another good opportunity to take a photograph outside. Alternatively, if you have a brightly lit room in your home, this can also look lovely against a neutral backdrop such as a plain painted wall.

how to take a child's headshot

The Back to School Photo that Tells a Story

tips for your back to school photosThink beyond poses and capture moments that sum up the feelings. Perhaps try to snap some pictures of your child packing their backpack ready for their first day, brushing their hair, tying their laces or practising their handwriting. You could also take pictures of important objects, such as the lunch box depicting their favourite character right now, or the pencil case they carefully picked out themselves. Don’t forget to commemorate that familiar walk to school by capturing a few shots of your child from behind. It’ll be a great back to school photo for jogging their memory when they’re older.

Look Down

back to school photo ideas- play with anglesLooking down into their faces is the angle we see our kids from most often while they’re still little. So capture that pint-sized point of view while you still can! Simply stand up straight and shoot at a downwards angle to get a cute overhead shot you’ll love to look back on when they’re older and taller.

We hope we’ve inspired you with some handy tips for taking great back to school photos this school year. But they’re worth more than a few dozen likes on social media, get them printed and you can enjoy looking back on them every single day. A good back to school photo makes for an unmissable page in your child’s photo yearbook or a sweet addition to your wall art.

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