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How to Capture Spectacular Sunset Snaps

Sunset on phone
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No holiday album or photo book is complete without a stunning shot of a sunset or two, but how do you capture the brilliant beauty of this special time of day on camera? Here are four quick tips and tricks to help you take that perfect sunset snap (no fancy camera needed!).

Plan Ahead

Firstly, you need to find a great spot where you can enjoy the sunset in all its glory. Scope out a good vantage point during the day. Look for somewhere where you’ll get an uninterrupted view of the sun as it sinks through the sky to the horizon, but also keep your eye out for landmarks that will make interesting foreground elements or silhouettes.

Your sunset picture should be pretty enough on its own, but if it does need some editing, make sure you’ve downloaded some of the best editing apps for your phone before you head off on your travels. They’ll come in handy for lots of your holiday snaps.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the sunset time so you don’t miss it!

Sunset over sea

Look Out for Clouds

The best sunset photography happens when the sky is slightly cloudy. The clouds will reflect the pretty colours, bringing out the lovely oranges, pinks and purples that really make a sunset photo special. Complete cloud cover is no good, but if the weather is kind and you get a nice balance of light cloud and blue sky, you’ll have the perfect conditions for a brilliant picture.

Sunset behind pier

Find a Focal Point

Your photo will look even more dramatic with something silhouetted in the foreground, so find a focal point to add interest to your sunset shot. Whether it’s a palm tree on the beach, a beautiful building or even your travel buddy silhouetted against the sky, find something with a recognisable shape, which won’t take up too much of the frame.

Remember the rule of thirds when you’re composing your shot too. Place your silhouettes and the horizon off-centre for a well-balanced photograph.

Sunset behind Statue of Liberty

Remember to Turn Around

It’s easy to focus solely on the sunset itself when you’re snapping away, but at this time of day you’ll find your surroundings bathed in lovely golden light too, so don’t forget to look around a little so you don’t miss any other fantastic photo opportunities.


Whether you’re using your phone or your camera, follow these tips and you’re sure to get some extra-special sunset pictures on your next holiday. And if do use your phone rather than a camera, check out our tips for taking better snaps with your smartphone.

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