GoPro Travel Photography Tips: Become a Pro Before You Go!

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So you’ve treated yourself to a GoPro ahead of your next holiday and you’re starting to get to grips with how it works.

As well as capturing those amazing videos of you scuba diving, swimming or simply exploring (depending how adventurous you feel!), your GoPro is also great for taking stills. To help you get the most from your new toy, we’ve put together our top tips for taking travel photos using a GoPro.

Turtle on GoPro

Practice Makes Perfect

Become a pro before you go! Play around with your GoPro before you head off on holiday to get used to its settings. I recommend taking a look at the GoPro Tutorials YouTube channel for a whole host of handy clips.

Grand Canyon

Invest in a Mount

There are lots of different mounts to choose from, with something to suit all needs. A pole mount is ideal for exploring a new city and capturing holiday selfies, whilst head and wrist mounts are perfect for the more adventurous traveller.

Dog wearing GoPro

Hold Steady

The smaller size of a GoPro means you have to hold it steady to get a clear, crisp shot. Keep the camera steady for a few seconds after you take your shot too to avoid motion blur.


Save Battery

Battery life can be a problem with these nifty bits of kit, so turn off your GoPro’s wifi to avoid draining the battery whilst you’re out and about.

Prague on GoPro

Keep the Lens Clean

Your GoPro is designed to be used in all sorts of different environments – environments where it’s likely to get wet and a bit dirty. Keep the lens clean to avoid ruining that perfect shot.

You might find that in humid conditions, the lens can fog, but GoPro make no-fog inserts to help tackle this. You can also combat water droplets by licking the screen…Yes that’s right, lick it! It works a treat, believe us.

Wave on GoPro

Watch Those Fingers

Although your GoPro’s wide-angled lens is perfect for capturing beautiful panoramic snaps or lovely landscape photos whilst you’re on your travels, you need to watch out for pesky fingers getting in the way of your shot. Nobody wants a nice photo ruined by little sausages creeping in!

Las Vegas

There you have it, a few ways to get the most out of your GoPro. Happy adventuring and happy snapping! For more expert tips, take a look at our advice for taking better travel photos.

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