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Improve Your Digital Photography: Pretend You’re Using Film

Film cameras
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Apart from a few enthusiasts who continue to use film, the medium has been all-but replaced by digital photography techniques. Even so, there are a few things you can learn from film photography to improve your picture taking. Here are a few photography tips to help you improve your digital camera skills.

Think More Carefully About Composition

With a limited number of shots per roll and a cost to print each photo, it was necessary to take a little more care composing an image when using a film camera.

To make each shot count, think carefully about composition before you click the shutter. If nothing else, make sure you apply the rule of thirds to your subject, check the lighting is spot on (try shooting in the golden hour for beautifully lit photographs), and keep your camera steady. These basic digital photography techniques apply in almost every situation, regardless of what you’re shooting.


Be More Confident

Digital cameras give us an instant look at the photo we’ve just taken, allowing us to immediately press delete if we’re not happy. When shooting with film, it’s more important to have confidence in the photo you’re taking, so you’ll work harder to make sure your image is perfectly set up. Increase your skill set and boost your confidence by brushing up on some new tricks, like how to take better photos indoors, or taking photos after dark.

This kind of photography is more about trusting your instincts. To replicate this when shooting digital, resist the urge to review your photos immediately.

Film camera

Avoid Erasing Something Special

Avoiding looking at the photo you’ve just taken also means you won’t end up prematurely deleting a picture that on second viewing turns out to be a great shot. Instead, review your pictures later once your shoot is complete and objectively decide which ones to keep.

Prints on wooden table

If you really want to get back to the simple art of film photography, why not try using a disposable camera for the weekend, or pick up a second hand film camera to help hone your skills?

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