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Master Macro Photography in 4 Simple Steps

Macro flower shot
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Macro photography might sound complicated, but it’s easier than you think to capture stunning close-up shots with your camera. Follow our 4 simple steps and you’ll be a macro pro in no time!


A photo posted by @pdfam13 on

Step 1 – Select the Macro setting on your camera. This is usually symbolised by a picture of a flower or “MF”.


A photo posted by @konni.holgi on


A photo posted by Michelle (@miccstapel) on

Step 2 – Zoom in as far as you can.


A photo posted by KK (@karuandsou) on

Step 3 – Move closer to the subject – as close as possible – whilst keeping the subject in focus.


A photo posted by ?josenfoke? (@josenfoke) on

Step 4 – Hold your breath! Because every movement is magnified at such close range, even breathing can knock your picture out of focus.

You don’t even need a professional camera to capture awesome macro shots like these Instagrammers have. The smaller size and lighter weight of your phone makes it perfect for getting up close to flowers, insects and other tiny subjects.

There are plenty of different macro lenses you can buy for your smartphone too, so you can easily turn your phone into a professional bit of kit in no time at all!

Once you’ve mastered macro photography, why not go old school and print your best snaps as Retro prints?

Print Your Macro Photos

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