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Five Simple Tips for Successful Group Photos

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Why take a photo of someone special, when you can take a photo of lots of special people! Whether you’re taking pictures of your pals or want to capture a fun family portrait, here are our simple tips for successful group photos.

Find the Right Lighting

Ensure everyone in the group is in the same amount of light so they are all properly exposed. Whether you move everyone into the shade or get them to stand in the sunshine, just make sure the lighting is consistent across the group.

Use a Smaller Aperture

If you’re using a DSLR, choose a smaller aperture to keep the whole group in focus. This will make everyone nice and sharp, even if they are different distances from the camera.

Shoot multiple frames using burst mode on your camera, or by holding down the shutter button on your iPhone. Then, if someone blinks and ruins a shot, you’ll still have plenty of others to choose from.

Use Burst Mode

Get in the Shot

If you want to be included in the group photo, use a shutter remote to snap your picture from in front of the camera. Alternatively, take it in turns to be the one taking the photo so everyone gets a chance to be in the frame.

Invest in a Tripod

A tripod is a must-have if you’re using a shutter remote or self-timer. There are tripods available for both cameras and phones, so whatever you’re shooting on, you’ll be able to get that clear, steady shot of your favourite people.

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