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Steve Davey Shares More Travel Photography Tips

Monk welcoming the sunrise
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Travel photographer Steve Davey has taken stunning shots in every corner of the globe, so who better to share their top tips for capturing fantastic travel snaps? Wherever your next adventure takes you, let Steve’s travel photography tips and tricks help you take better photos than ever. Steve Davey

1. Stop & Think

The most creative thing that you can do when taking any picture is to stop and think. Ask yourself why you are taking the picture, and what you would point out about your subject to someone who might be standing next to you. This is the essence of the picture for you, and what you should try to photograph.

2. Move in Closer

Get in close and fill the frame. Your pictures will look a lot more exciting and have a lot more impact. You will also be able to engage more with the person or thing that you are photographing, which doesn’t just give you better pictures, it is a lot more fun too!

3. Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle

Don’t always place your subject in the centre of the frame: move it over to the side for a more balanced image. Photographers often talk about the rule of thirds, which says you should place the subject a third of the way into the frame, but you don’t have to be so prescriptive. Often exaggerating the rule of thirds will give a much more striking shot!

Monk welcoming the sunrise

4. Combine Multiple Subjects

Try to combine things in the picture. If you photograph something on its own then you will get a picture of what it looks like, but if you photograph two things together then you can set up relations and convey a greater meaning. This might even be as simple as photographing someone against a significant background to tell more of a story about them.

5. Get Experimental

Shoot a range of subjects. The great thing about travel photography is the variety. Don’t limit yourself to the styles of photography that you find easy. Push yourself and experiment with things that you find difficult to to develop more skills. A good motivation can be to imagine that you are illustrating a travel feature of your destination. What would you need to shoot to tell the story?

Snake charmers

6. Vary Your Viewpoint

Don’t just photograph from head height. Get down low and shoot upwards, or climb on something to shoot down from a higher viewpoint. This will change your subject’s relationship with the background and also give a more dynamic shot, from a less familiar perspective.

7. Interact with People

Don’t just photograph people from a distance without asking for permission. Approach people and interact with them for more sympathetic and meaningful pictures. You will also be rewarded with a lot of great memories of all the people you meet too!

Land diving

Steve Davey is the editor of Footprint Travel Photography 2e; the leading guide to travelling with a camera. If you would like to download an exclusive PDF preview of the book, complete with a 40% off discount code, please head to http://www.bettertravelphotography.com/freepdf/.

Steve also leads his own range of travel photography tours to some of the most exotic parts of the world, helping you to become better at travel photography in a stunning location.

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