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Indoor Lighting: How to Take Better Photos Inside

Taking a photo
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Whether it’s simply too rainy to head outside to take pictures or you want to capture your family relaxing at home, we’ve got a few tips to help you get the best possible photos when working with indoor lighting. Here’s how to get great pictures without even leaving the house.

Know Your Lighting

Get to know how light works in your home. Which direction does your house face? Where does the morning and evening sunlight fall? Certain rooms may have better natural light than others, so experiment with different locations and times of day to find the perfect spot to take your snaps.

Light streaming through window

Turn Off Flash

Indoors, using the flash will wash out colours and cause harsh shadows – not ideal when you’re trying to take a lovely family portrait. As well as turning off the flash, turn off the lights around your home and instead seek out the best natural light.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

Allow for low light by adjusting your camera settings. Increase the ISO so the camera’s sensor is more sensitive to light, and adjust the aperture so it is wide enough to maximise the available light. Your shutter speed will also need adjusting to get the right exposure, but once you’ve tweaked all these settings you should be all set to take perfect indoor photos.

Adjusting camera lens

Hold Steady

Low light means your camera’s shutter will be open for longer, so it’s more important than ever to have a steady hand and minimise movement. If you don’t have a tripod, stand with your legs apart, hold your arms in tight and hold your breath momentarily whilst you take your picture. Hopefully this should help you avoid those blurry, out of focus photos.

Move Your Subject

If you’re still struggling to capture that perfect picture, move your subject closer to a window to make the most of the light. Alternatively, you could improvise by making a DIY reflector from a white piece of card or white bedspread to reflect light back on your subject.

Girl sat by window

Now you don’t have to head outside to take great snaps, you can capture fantastic photos in the comfort of your home!

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