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How to Take Food Photos that Look Good Enough to Eat

Dinner with fries
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After a busy festive season of three course dinners and splashing out on gifts, January is the time to stay indoors in the warm, save your pennies, and eat some healthy home cooked food (leftover Christmas chocolate not included).

If you’re whipping up a delicious dish and want to capture your handiwork on camera, here are three tips to help you take Instagram-worthy food pics.

Use the Freshest Ingredients

Fruit and veg look at their best when they’re nice and fresh, so make sure your ingredients are in tip top condition before you make your meal. Not only will this result in a tastier dish, but when you get up close with the camera the freshness and colour of your ingredients will really stand out.
Vegetables in dish

Select the Right Props

From a pretty tablecloth and polished cutlery, to photographing your dish surrounded by its ingredients, there are lots of ways to play with props when you’re snapping shots of your dinner. The right props will enhance the photo without distracting from the delicious beauty of what’s on the plate.

Chicken and orange dish

Not Perfect? No Problem!

If your dish doesn’t look like it’s come fresh from a Michelin-starred kitchen, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be perfect. A few stray crumbs or bit of mess will add charm to your photo, and after all, as long as it tastes good you’re onto a winner.

If a bit of your dinner looks a little more questionable, or you’ve had a bit of a culinary catastrophe, just zoom in on the good bits…No one will ever know what the rest looks like!


Now you know how to capture photos of your food that look good enough to eat, you’ve got the perfect excuse to cook up your favourite meal and take snaps that inspire envy from all of your friends and Instagram followers!

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