How to Take Great Pictures of Your Kids

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Before the kids head back to school, why not hold an impromptu photo shoot to capture them enjoying the last days of summer? We’ve put together a few hints on how to photograph children to help you take pictures today that you can treasure forever…and dig out for their 18th birthday party!

Be Patient

The more relaxed you are, the more at ease your little subject will be. The perfect photograph might not happen quickly, but be patient and you should be rewarded with a few gems.

Make Them Comfortable

You’ll get some of your best photos when the kids are feeling comfortable, so choose a location they’re familiar with or get their siblings, toys or pets involved to help them relax.

Boy on beach

Get Down to Their Level

Capture the world from their perspective by getting down to the little ones’ level. If anything, seeing you crawling around might make them giggle, which will help if anyone is feeling a bit grumpy about having their photo taken!

Let Them Explore

Give the kids the freedom to go where they want and explore their surroundings, instead of restricting them or telling them where to pose. Not only will this help them to feel more at ease, but you never know what cool spots they might find for photos which you’d completely overlooked.

Girl running under trees

Keep Taking Photos

Instead of asking the kids to pose for specific photos, keep taking pictures as they explore or play. The more photos you take, the more likely you are to get some cracking shots, and these photos will look much more natural too.

If you’re using your iPhone, try Burst Mode to take multiple shots at once. Simply tap and hold the shutter button on the screen to start shooting. You can find more smartphone photography tips over here.

Be Sneaky

This tip works well if you have some particularly camera-shy subjects. Don’t let them know you’re taking photos; simply observe them and wait until they’re completely engaged in what they’re doing before you start snapping.

This candid style of photography often results in the best pictures, as your subject is entirely relaxed and not trying to pose.

Boys playing under sprinkler

Have Fun

Our top tip for photographing your kids? Don’t treat your photo shoot like a chore – or even like a photo shoot! Instead, approach it as “playing with the camera”. Have fun and your child will too. Why not let them get behind the camera too? Take a look at our tips for teaching the basics of photography to children for some inspiration.

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