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How to Take Lovely Landscape Photos

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Landscape photographs are a holiday maker’s favourite, especially when you’re lucky enough to be holidaying in a particularly picturesque place. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you take lots of lovely landscape shots on your next trip, which will make perfect double page spreads for your holiday photo book.

Read up on our simple tricks and you’ll be a landscape photography pro in no time, even without a super fancy camera!


Do Your Research

Before you jet off on holiday, spend some time scoping out the best spots to take spectacular landscape shots. If you’re on a city break or staying in a resort, these spots might be a little off the beaten track, so plan how you’ll get there before you go.

Bear in mind that the most picturesque views will be popular with your fellow tourists, so we recommend getting up early to avoid the crowds. It also means you’ll get to see the landscape bathed in that lovely morning light – try aiming for the “golden hour” just after sunrise.


Invest in a Tripod

Whether you’re using a camera or your phone, a tripod is a wise investment if you’re serious about snapping some awesome landscapes.

The best landscape photos have the greatest depth of field, and to achieve this you’ll want to select a small aperture setting on your camera. A smaller aperture results in a longer shutter speed, which means holding your camera steady for longer. Avoid messing up your picture (and arm ache!) by using a tripod.


Consider the Sky

The sky can make a big difference to the look and feel of your photo. If there isn’t much happening up there (clear blue skies over the beach, for example), then place the horizon in the upper third of your shot and look for an interesting object for the foreground instead.

Alternatively, if the sky is looking particularly impressive or dramatic, make it the focal point of your picture by placing the horizon further down.


Get Inspired

Instagram is full of fantastic photographers taking incredible landscape shots, so give a few of our favourites a follow to get some inspiration for your own holiday snaps.

Herbert Schröer

Conor MacNeill

A photo posted by Conor MacNeill (@thefella) on

Koshi Nishijima

A photo posted by Koshi (@koshi_another_side) on

Ruairidh McGlynn

A photo posted by Ruairidh (@ruairidhmcglynn) on

Patrick Smit

There you have it, our quick and easy tips to help you master lovely landscape photos. Try these tricks out on your next trip and you’re sure to come home with plenty of pretty pictures for your holiday photo book. And if you’re using your phone, remember to check out our list of the best apps to help you up your photography game on holiday.

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