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How to Take Photos on Rainy Days

Foot in puddle
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When it comes to taking photos in the UK, rain is pretty much guaranteed. Whether it’s January or July, your photos can be disrupted by anything from drizzle to a full on downpour. To help you combat those inevitable grey days, here are our top tips for taking photos in the rain. Fingers crossed you won’t have to use them too much this autumn!

Cover Up Your Camera

Did you know you can buy a raincoat for your camera? There are lots of different rain covers on the market, but look for one that isn’t too bulky which you can easily carry with you every day. Get yourself a small umbrella so you can stay dry during your rain photography as well.

Stay in the Car

If the conditions mean you can’t venture outside, stay in the warmth of your car, roll down the window and take photos from where you’re parked. Try to park with your window facing out of the wind so you don’t get a face (and camera) full of rain!


Look Out for Places to Shelter

When you brave the rain, keep your eye out for places to shelter like awnings and porches where you can wait in the dry for a great rainy photo opportunity to come your way.

Watch for Reflections

Rain will immediately transform any setting, especially at night when the lights reflect in the raindrops and puddles.


Find a Light Source

Find the sources of light, whether that’s a streetlight or the sun coming through the clouds, and use them to backlight the rain. Light through rain will be concentrated and brighter, giving you stunning shots of the raindrops.

Try a Little Flash

Turn your flash down and use it to light up the raindrops and make them shine. This technique works well with snowflakes too (although hopefully you won’t need to use that any time soon!).


Look for People’s Reactions

A sudden downpour will cause a variety of different reactions, so look out for how people respond to getting caught in the rain. From kids splashing in puddles to people running for cover, you should find lots of interesting reactions to capture on camera.

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