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Snap Happy Kids: Teaching Photography Basics to Children

Kid with camera
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If you love photography and want to pass this passion down to your little ones, we’ve put together this handy guide to help them get started. You never know, you could have a future pro photographer on your hands!

Kid with camera

Which Camera?

Before you begin, you need to accept one simple fact: your camera is going to get dropped. Dropped and knocked and probably left at the bottom of the garden overnight, so it’s probably best to dig out an old camera, stick with disposables, or treat your little photographer to a super-tough child-friendly model that’s designed with smaller clumsy hands in mind.

Practice with a DIY Viewfinder First

Cut a rectangular “viewfinder” out of a piece of card and let your little one practice “framing” shots before you hand them the camera. Teach them that when they take a picture, everything inside the frame will be in the photo – including their fingers!

Kid with camera

Handling the Camera

Teach your child to use both hands when handling the camera and to use the strap. If you don’t have a strap, it might be a wise investment! Remind them to keep their fingers away from the lens so they don’t smear it.

Simple Tips to Teach Your Little Photographer

Once they’ve got to grips with how the camera works, there are a few easy lessons you can teach your little one to help them start taking great pictures.

Hold the camera still. Steady the camera on a table or chair if they’re a bit wobbly.

Choose a point of interest. Find an interesting subject for each photograph.

Get up close. Teach your young photographer how to emphasise their subject by moving closer or changing their angle.

Play with the camera. Give your little one the freedom to experiment and take fun photos. You’ll be amazed by what they come back with!

Kid with camera

When they come back after a long afternoon exploring and taking photos or running around the house with the camera, be sure to take the time to look over their photographs with them and point out the ones you really like.

Go out together with your cameras and show them the things you like to take pictures of. With a little time and lots of encouragement, any child can get into photography. In fact, they might just develop a lifelong passion!

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