If You’re Snappy And You Know It: Baby Photography Tips.

Baby wrapped in towel
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You don’t need to spend a fortune on a photo shoot to capture beautiful photos of your baby. You can easily take lovely pictures of that little bundle of joy in the comfort of your own home – all without spending a penny! Here are our top tips for taking photos of your little one that you’ll always treasure.

Choose the Right Timing

Lovely photos need lovely lighting, so head outside to make the most of the natural light, or take photos during the golden hours (the first hour after sunrise and two hours before sunset) to get truly beautiful pictures.

Choose a time when baby is at their most relaxed and happiest too, and remember that a warm, well-fed baby will be much more cooperative (and easier to take photos of!).

Baby in field

Get Brothers & Sisters Involved

Capture the special bond between your little ones by getting big brothers and sisters involved in your DIY photo shoot. These photos will help to document your family as it changes and grows, and will make lovely keepsakes for the kids as they get older.

Baby brothers

Focus on the Little Details

Capture the cutest bits of baby with close up photos of their tiny fingers and toes, or a pretty picture of those beautiful baby blue eyes.

Baby hands close up

Keep Props Simple

Stick with a simple, neutral background with minimal props to keep baby as the focus of your photos. If you do want to include props, why not take a series of pictures of your little one next to their favourite teddy over a few weeks or months to show how they grow?

Baby and teddy

Be Spontaneous

The advantage of a home DIY photo shoot rather than a professional, studio-based one is that you can take spontaneous, informal pictures of your baby whenever you like. Keep your phone or camera close by and you’ll always be ready to capture that special moment.

Baby will be much more relaxed at home too, giving you plenty of opportunities to take some really lovely photos. And with your home as the setting, your pictures will have more meaning too.

Baby listening to guitar

Now all you need to do is get baby ready for their close up 🙂

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