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Make this Year’s Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

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It’s always tempting to show your holiday snaps off to friends and family when you get home, but if you insist on making them sit through hundreds of photos of your travels, let’s make sure they’re good ones. Follow our top travel photography tips and your pictures will be well worth showing off.

Keep your camera with you

Be sure to keep your camera with you in your hand luggage for safe keeping. Not only does this mean you’ll always have it to hand in case of a photo opportunity, but you’ll also be able to keep it safe from knocks and bumps that your suitcase might suffer. If you’re planning on taking a lot of photography gear with you, check out these handy tips and tricks from Shuttermuse for travelling with your camera and equipment.

Stay fully charged

This one’s crucial – don’t forget your charger! Remember to take an adapter with you too if you’re travelling overseas. Make sure you charge up your camera and phone before you head out on location and you’ll never miss a moment. Plus – take an extra camera battery, just in case.

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

Back everything up

Photographs are easily lost, yet incredibly difficult to replace! Safeguard against any mishaps and keep everything backed up to your laptop, or use a storage facility such as CEWE MyPhotos to keep your pictures safe.

Top tip – make sure you have a stock pile of storage to save your abundance of photos. Get your hands on a 4GB or 8GB memory card – and then another one for back up!

Do your research

Plan in advance to ensure you make the most of every minute. If you’re visiting a popular landmark, it’s a good idea to check opening times and ticket prices beforehand so you don’t get caught out. For photo inspiration, try checking out Instagram for those picture-perfect spots – you might just find a hidden gem or a new perspective on a classic landmark.

…but still be spontaneous

Some of the very best photo opportunities appear when you least expect them, so be sure to keep your camera or phone close by for those unexpected, unmissable moments. Keep an eye out for interesting scenery, weather and people, just be sure to kindly ask for permission from anyone you choose as your subject.

Top tip – to ensure your camera is ready to snap those spontaneous moments, we’d recommend increasing your shutter speed as the motion around you can alter the finished product quite dramatically.

To learn more about shutter speed, The Digital Photography School has some handy tips to help you on your way.

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

Set your alarm clock

Nothing beats getting up early and beating the rush, especially if you’re photographing busy landmarks. Natural light is at its best an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, meaning your photos will not only be tourist-free, but they’ll also get that gorgeous golden glow. If you’d like to learn more about making the most of natural light, we’ve created a blog post dedicated to Golden Hour Photography.

Get off the beaten track

Speaking of tourists, the best way to avoid them entirely is to head where they won’t. Ask the locals for their inside knowledge and pick their brains to discover those hidden gems that you won’t find in the guidebooks. Getting off the beaten track is a surefire way to experience the more authentic side of a city or country and get more unique, personal photos.

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

Find a different perspective

To get those distinctive photos, get creative and look at things from different angles. Go up high to find a new vantage point, or get down low to see things from a child’s perspective. You could even try your hand at underwater photography, either in the pool or at the beach. Think outside the box with your photography and the result is sure to reward you.

Focus on the details

Intricate tiles, pretty shells, colourful walls – all of these shots will make fantastic backgrounds for your photo book, so make sure you capture these little details on camera. Seek out different textures and patterns and experiment with position and lighting to create the perfect shot. Even the little things can produce big results!

Top tip – using a long lens or a powerful zoom function on your camera will help you capture those details in all their glory.

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

Forget flash indoors

When you’re inside, let natural light illuminate your indoor shots to avoid the harsh, flat light of flash photography. Your images will look more natural, authentic and professional without that telltale glare! For some top tips and ideal camera settings for indoor photography, we recommend this blog from Jean Coutu.

…but make use of it outdoors

Using flash outdoors on a bright day can make the contrast more even intense and remove harsh shadows. Give it a go and see what a difference it can make to your sunny shots. For help and inspiration, take a look at Digital Camera World’s helpful guide to outdoors photography with flash.

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

Go filter-free

Instagram is fantastic for sharing snaps whilst you’re on your holidays, but sunny days are also the perfect excuse to go filter free. Don’t be tempted to over-edit your images either – let the natural beauty of your surroundings shine, no filter necessary!

Capture moments, not poses

Instead of forcing the family to pose for awkward photos, catch them in action and take candid shots of them enjoying their holiday. You can always delete anything that doesn’t work, so snap away. Keep your eyes open and observe your surroundings and who’s in them – a spot of people-watching can be both interesting and photography-friendly

Make this Year's Holiday Photos Your Best Yet!

And know when to put your camera down

Remember, you’re on holiday! So, when you’ve got your picture-perfect shots, put that camera down and get yourself an ice cream. You’ve certainly earned it after all that snapping!

And now for the best travel tip of all…

travel photo book with layflat paper

Document your trip with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Keep a record of your adventure by putting your holiday photos into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK to enjoy time and time again. Made from high-quality sustainable materials and produced with advanced colour printing, your images are bound to look just as good as they did through your own eyes!

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