3 Quick Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe

Man looking at old black and white family photos
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Before you spend the summer taking selfies and holiday snaps, now’s the perfect time to organise and archive your photos. Keeping your photos safe can be simple when you follow our quick tips.

Choose where to store your photos

Google Photos gives you free, unlimited storage, allowing you to free up space on your phone and save every special snap. View photos by subject or location, or use the clever search feature to find images even when they haven’t been tagged. For example, search for “car” and those shots of your prized motor will automatically appear – as if by magic!

Cars search query on Google Photos

Organise your desktop

If you do still want to store your photos on your computer, organise images into folders to make them easier to find. This will prove particularly useful when you come to make a photo book, which of course you’re planning on doing soon.

Album of old black and white photos

Print the good stuff

Captured a photo you definitely don’t want to lose? Printing’s the only thing for it. Fancy cloud storage and apps aside, there’s still nothing quite like holding your photos in your hands. Pop them in a frame, stick them to the fridge – do whatever you fancy. We’ll even give you 75 free prints to start you off.

Pile of black and white family photos

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