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10 Apps to Help You Capture Incredible Holiday Snaps

Holiday phone apps
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These days you don’t need a super duper camera to capture great holiday or travel pictures, although there are some tips and tricks we’d recommend to improve the quality of your photos. There are now a whole host of editing apps available for the keen traveller or holidaymaker, which help to ensure everyone can capture fantastic photos and videos like a pro.

Grab your phone and get trying out some of these apps on your next adventure. Photography just got a whole lot easier…



Instagram is not only a photo editing tool, but also a great visual platform to display some of your photos and videos. Holiday snaps have never looked better with a large selection of filters and editing functions such as the ability to add brightness and sharpness to your image and even better, their new feature Layout now allows your to create a collage with your Instagram photos. It’s very difficult to not get a great looking photo with this app! The video feature is also a great way to capture those once in a lifetime holiday moments.


Here’s one for the selfie lovers out there! We’re against photoshopping people’s faces beyond recognition but every now and then we just can’t resist, especially to get the perfect holiday photo. We all have those moments when we’re looking a little worse for wear, whether after a sleepless night or a few too many wines. Say hello to your new best selfie friend!



This is by far one of our favourite editing apps, with endless options to edit a photo. What we find pretty awesome about this app is that you can target specific spots in the photo with the brush mechanism, changing the saturation, exposure, warmth and more. Every little detail can really be fine-tuned with this app.

Sun Seeker

Don’t let the glare of the sun or strong shadows ruin your holiday pictures ever again! With this Sun Seeker app, you can cleverly use augmented reality to find out the sun’s daily path, its rise and set times as well as where it will be positioned in the sky at any time of the day. The interface is easy to use and ensures that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be in the perfect path for the optimum holiday shot.


Diptic is an easy app to use, allowing you to easily create collages for images and videos. The best part about this is that they have over 170 templates for the layout and you can also customise the frames yourself to make it exactly how you want it. The app allows you to apply filters, texts, borders, colours, textures , music and curvature, and your collage is super easy to save onto your device or share on your social channels once created. You’ll look like a pro, giving your images and videos that unique twist that really shows off your holiday in style!



VSCO Cam is a little like Instagram in the sense that it is a platform for editing and displaying photos. However, it is a lot more advanced that Instagram with more advanced camera controls such as a manual focus, shutter speed, white balance and exposure compensation. With all these technical elements, this is an app for more experienced photographers. But with a bit of practice, anyone can easily teach themselves how to get great photos from it.

Action Movie FX

Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond? This app was created by the production company of Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, so it’s sure to impress action fans. It’s a fantastic movie-style video app allowing you to add special effects to your own videos with ease. Imagine skiing down the Alps being chased or having to hide from the overhead helicopters. Videos are about to get a whole lot more fun!


Have you ever been wanting to take a photo or video, but then you realise you’ve got gloves on? Maybe you’re skiing or simply out for a walk in the colder months. By the time you’ve taken off your gloves, the subject might have moved or clouds may have come over. Well, Vapp is here to change all that! Simply open the app and use your voice to activate the camera and snap, picturesque photos in an instant.


Frontback is revolutionising the way we take photos and communicate with our friends. When you take a photo in the app it will use both your front and back cameras, to capture your beautiful holiday surroundings and your reactions to the place in a selfie. The best part is the photos are super easy to share with your friends and really capture your reaction to any situation. Whether you’re overlooking the Grand Canyon or want to tease your friends about having a day off and enjoying a sunny day in the park, this is going to be the app to capture it all in a new and unique way!

These fantastic apps will help you look like a pro whilst also allowing you to release that inner creativity. Pick your favourites, add them to your phone and get set to capture the perfect holiday snaps 🙂

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