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How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

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Whichever picture you love most, from a holiday snapshot to a family photo, turning it into a canvas print is a brilliant way to enjoy it all year round. Whether you have a photo in mind or you’re trying to decide between a few, here are our top tips for choosing the right photo for your canvas print.

How Do I Print Onto Canvas?

Want to print your photos on canvas? To get the best results, you’ll need:

  • High-quality images:

    The higher the resolution, the better – but don’t worry if your chosen image wasn’t taken on a DSLR. With the right canvas design, it is possible to print and enjoy even photos that have been taken on a phone. More on this below!

  • Photo printing software:

    Look for software that makes it easy for you to create your own designs, including templates for collages – ideal for making the most of smaller images. What’s more, smart software will guide you through the design process, helping you create a wall-worthy image you’ll love looking at, day after day.

What Size Photo Do I Need For My Canvas Print?

When it comes to printing on canvas, we recommend using a digital photo of at least 250 KB, but the larger the photo the better the result. If you’re heading out with your camera and want to take a picture for a new canvas, set your camera to the highest possible resolution.

Canvas print

How Can I Check The Size of My Photo?

If your photo is stored on your computer, you can easily check its size. Move your mouse over the photo and right click. If you’re using a Windows computer, you’ll find the size under ‘Properties’, whilst on an Apple machine it’s under ‘Show Info’.

Can I Create Canvas Prints From Photos on my Phone?

You might find that the file size of photos taken on your phone is too small, especially if it’s a picture you’ve been sent through WhatsApp. If your photo isn’t quite large enough for a canvas, why not try making a collage canvas? Select Page Layouts in the Creator Software when you’re designing your canvas print to choose a collage layout of multiple photos.

Collection of canvas prints

What About Photos from Facebook?

If you’re designing your canvas print using our Creator Software, you can upload pictures straight from Facebook. As with printing phone photos to canvas, these can sometimes be too small for a large print, in which case we recommend choosing a collage layout.

How Can I Be Sure My Photo is Good Enough Quality To Print?

Whether you’re designing your canvas online through our website or using our Creator Software, our quality checker will always let you know if your photo isn’t quite big enough for your canvas. In the software, you’re looking for a green smiley face which indicates your photo is spot on. When ordering online, look out for a green tick. This is especially important if you’re creating canvas prints from phone photos, as your images are more likely to be too small to print clearly. Use our quality checker to be confident in the finished result.

Wall art quality checkers

Enjoy Your Pictures on Canvas, All Year Round

Now you’ve mastered how to print on canvas, it’s time to enjoy your new work of art at its best. Take a look at our top tips for how to hang canvas prints on a wall in any space.

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  • stave willson says:

    I read your article and found some interesting information. However, I want to share something with you i.e I am using a canon printer and when I try to print a canvas photo it shows an error canon printer error 5200

    can you help me to find a proper solution for that issue?

  • HEMALATHA V says:

    Photo Canvas Collage prints are the ideal way to display lots of your stunning images without buying masses of bulky picture frames or cluttering up the house. With the use of smartphones and readily available digital cameras, we have become a nation of amateur photographers, using Instagram to capture our favourite moments. Out of this we now have some incredible photographs we are sure to treasure forever; the problem is there are just too many of them, making the task almost impossible when
    choosing images to display in our homes

  • Shaylee Packer says:

    As you mentioned, it is important to make sure that the resolution of your photo is high enough to look clear on the canvas. Is there a way to find out what resolution my phone camera does to see if it is at the recommended 250 KB? I would love to have some photos from vacation put on canvas, but I took them all with my phone.

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