How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

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Whichever picture you love most, from a holiday snapshot to a family photo, turning it into a canvas print is a brilliant way to enjoy it all year round. Whether you have a photo in mind or you’re trying to decide between a few, here are our top tips for choosing the right photo for your canvas print.

Which Size Photo Works Best?

We recommend using a digital photo of at least 250 KB, but the larger the photo the better the result. If you’re heading out with your camera and want to take a picture for a new canvas, set your camera to the highest possible resolution.

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How Can I Check the Size of My Photo?

If your photo is stored on your computer, you can easily check its size. Move your mouse over the photo and right click. If you’re using a Windows computer, you’ll find the size under ‘Properties’, whilst on an Apple machine it’s under ‘Show Info’.

Can I Use a Mobile Phone Photo?

You might find that the file size of photos taken on your phone is too small, especially if it’s a picture you’ve been sent through WhatsApp. If your photo isn’t quite large enough for a canvas, why not try making a collage canvas? Select Page Layouts in the Creator Software when you’re designing your canvas print to choose a collage layout of multiple photos.

Collection of canvas prints

What About Photos from Facebook?

If you’re designing your canvas print using our Creator Software, you can upload pictures straight from Facebook. These can sometimes be too small for a canvas, in which case we recommend choosing a collage layout.

How Can I Be Sure My Photo is Good Enough?

Whether you’re designing your canvas online through our website or using our Creator Software, our quality checker will always let you know if your photo isn’t quite big enough for your canvas. In the software, you’re looking for a green smiley face which indicates your photo is spot on. When ordering online, look out for a green tick.

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Once you’ve designed and ordered your canvas and you’ve excitedly unwrapped your new work of art, take a look at our top tips for how to hang canvas prints on a wall in any space.

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