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The Perfect Way to Display Your

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You may think of the coffee table as the perfect home for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, but we’ve got a new idea that might just take your fancy and let you reclaim some precious table space.

Instead of letting your lovingly-made photo books disappear amongst the other books on your coffee table or bookcase, we love the idea of picking out your favourite creations to highlight in a special display. In this DIY tutorial, we’ll introduce you to these homemade floating shelves that you can tailor to suit your own photo books. Mounted on a decorative board, they provide the perfect way to create your own special book display without the need to drill in to your walls. They’re sure to add a stylish touch to whichever room they find themselves in.

What you’ll need:

  • – Wooden board, or one of our durable Foam Board Prints
  • – Ruler
  • – Drill
  • – Wood Glue
  • – Strips of Wood (3cm thick, 5-6cm wide, length varies depending on size of photo books)
  • – Screws (around 5cm long)
  • – Electric Screwdriver
The Perfect Way to Display Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK
The Perfect Way to Display Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK
The Perfect Way to Display Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

How to make it:

  1. 1. First, determine how long your wooden strips will need to be to hold your photo books and decide where they will be positioned on the board.
  2. 2. Mark the desired position of your wooden strips on the board with a pencil, and then drill 2 or 3 holes in the board along this line.
  3. 3. Use wood glue along the edge of the wooden strip and stick it to the board, covering the drill holes and the marked line.
  4. 4. Secure the wood from the back by using your electric screwdriver to fix screws through the drill holes and into the wooden strips. Fixing them with both glue and screws will ensure that the weight of your photo books can be held.

The finishing touches

You’ve done all the hard work, now let’s bring everything together!

We think the perfect way to celebrate your new homemade floating shelves is to create another masterpiece photo book that can take pride of place on one of them! Make sure you visit our Photo Books page to see our different sizes, paper types and design options for the latest addition to your photo book family. What’s more, our creator software is easy to use – even for computer novices – and is packed full of clip art, templates and backgrounds for you to really make your next book your own.

DIY Photo Book Shelf Completed with Books and Lamp

Once everything is complete and your photo books are settled into their new home, why not attach a clamp lamp or a wall lamp along the top of the board so that you can highlight your creations for everyone to see? And, of course, don’t forget to share your new photo book shelves with us in the comments or via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we can’t wait to see your end results!

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