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How to Make a Driftwood Photo Hanger

driftwood photo hanger
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If your phone is filling up with photos, or your camera is getting crowded, it might be time to print some of your favourite pictures. Instead of letting your photos stay hidden away, print them out and relive those special memories again and again. And if you’re looking for a creative way to display your prints that doesn’t involve a frame, we’ve got an idea you’ll love! Create your own driftwood photo hanger and show off your snaps in style.

Close up of driftwood hanger

What you’ll need

Next time you’re beside the seaside, comb the beach for bits of driftwood you can use for your craft project, and take lots of colourful photos of family fun to add to your hanger. 

All you need to get crafty with your photos is a set of our square prints (which have a lovely matte finish), three pieces of driftwood, scissors, thick string and some mini wooden craft pegs.

Supplies for making driftwood hanger

How it’s made

Order a set of our square prints, which come in sets of 16, 24 or 32. You probably won’t want to use all of them in your display as it might get a bit crowded, but that means you’ll be able to swap in new photos as and when you like. Choose a combination of colourful photos and favourite quotes that will always make you smile. You can also choose to have a patterned design on the back on your prints, which look great when layered behind another photo.

Lay out your three pieces of driftwood one above the other, then space your prints out between them.

Lay out driftwood

Cut two pieces of string that are long enough to run the length of your display. First, tie one end of the string to the top piece of driftwood, then to the middle piece, and finally to the bottom piece.

Tie string

Use another piece of string to tie a hanging loop to the top piece of driftwood.

Hanging loop

Attach two small stones from the beach or garden to the ends of the string to act as weights.

Stone weight

Use the pegs to attach your prints to the string, then hang your crafty creation up for all to see!

Driftwood photo hanger

And just like that, you’ll have a DIY decoration that’s perfect for brightening up a bare wall. Who knew driftwood could become something so delightful! Feeling inspired to get crafty with your own favourite photos? Get started by ordering your prints.

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