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Easter Photo Opportunities You Mustn’t Miss!

Little girl as Easter bunny
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Dust off the tripod and charge your batteries, because Easter is on its way! With a four day weekend of family traditions, it’s a perfect opportunity to grab the camera and take some pictures. So in preparation for the big weekend, we’d like to share with you some of our favourite Easter photo opportunities.

The Hidden Egg

When most of us think “Easter” the first thing that pops to mind is “Egg hunts.” Whether you go to an organised event or hide a few treats around your own garden, Easter egg hunts are one of those quintessential springtime family activities that beg to be caught on camera.

easter photo opportunity hidden eggs

Try zooming in on an egg waiting to be found. Often the majority of family Easter photos tend to be focused on the people, but it pays to spare a thought for the details. Shots like this make a great way to break up your images by adding variety. They also make a great image for CEWE PHOTOBOOK front covers.

To take this picture you could sneak out before the game starts. But it’s even better if you can capture this shot with the kids hunting in the background. Try widening your aperture to keep the egg in focus and really make it centre stage, with your little egg hunters out of focus in the background. The result is a fun, cheeky image that really captures the spirit of your game.

Most kids tend to look on the ground first, and the loftier eggs tend to be the last ones to be found. You can buy yourself extra time to capture this Easter photo if you hide a few eggs up in tree branches.

The Easter Photo With A Natural Smile

Have you ever pointed your camera at the kids, called out a request to “smile” and then captured a weird gurning grimace that looks nothing like the gorgeous grin you know they’re capable of?

Easter Photo Opportunity: Smiles!

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got your answer; laughter! Capture a child mid-laugh, and you’re sure to get a genuine look of joy.

Fortunately kids love to laugh, so practice your silly voices and arm yourself with some simple jokes. Puns and knock-knock jokes are great and easy to understand. And if all else fails… go rude! Any joke that makes reference to bodily functions will have anyone under 12 falling about laughing.

This is a great way to get a posed shot, such as holding an Easter basket, without it looking too unnatural. We recommend setting up your shot and focusing on the face before you tell your joke. Then bust out your best material and snap as many shots as you can while they have a good giggle. Some images might come out a little blurred if your subject is in motion, but it’s a gold mine for those natural smiles.

The Family Pet

They say never work with children or animals, but we like a challenge! A pet is always a lovely subject to involve in your photographs, they’re a part of the family and make some very sweet pictures.

Easter Photo Opportunity: Girl With Rabbit

Pets and children often form really special bonds, so snapping a few pictures of the kids and the pets together will provide you with some sweet memories to look back on. An older family pet who’s used to being handled is more likely to sit still and have a cuddle. But be prepared for anything. Use your tripod to keep the camera nice and still, and keep on snapping if things get a little chaotic… some of the best photos are unposed.

The obvious choice here is to get pet bunnies in on the action to really revel in the spring time theme. But if you have other four-legged friends, they make a great addition too. If you’re lucky enough to have a dog who will tolerate props such as bunny ears, you’ve got all you need for an adorably hilarious Easter photo, perfect for greetings cards.

Flat Lay, Baby!

The flat lay style of photography that rose to popularity on Instagram can be surprisingly versatile.  Just like the zoomed-in shot of the hidden Easter egg, a flat lay a great way to add some variety to your baby photo books. Why not try creating a nice wide flat lay to spread over two double pages?

Easter Photo: Baby Flat Lay

The great thing about flat lay photography is that it’s so easy to control and plan every inch of your picture. Play around with placements, colours and textures to create a look that fits with your idea of Easter. Whether you’re fond of the pale spring colour palette with lots of flowers, or bright and busy Easter eggs, you can design something that encapsulates your Easter celebrations. Or how about setting up an appetising shot of delicious traditional Easter food?

This is also a great technique for getting some creative baby photos. If you find it difficult to set up a cute Easter photo shot due to background clutter, a flat lay is your answer. Try using a nice soft rug or spreading a blanket out on the floor, and set up your accessories and props before bringing your little one in.

Get Stealthy

As nice as it is to get some family pictures and group shots, candid shots are firm favourites. There’s something really special about the natural interactions between family and friends, but you just can’t capture that by telling people to “say cheese.”

So get stealthy and start lurking. A lot of people feel uncomfortable when they realise they’re having their pictures taken, and will start acting in an unnaturally stiff or posed way. So it’s best to try to observe without being too invasive. The best way to start is by using a long zoom or telephoto lens so you can photograph without invading their personal space. The further you are away from your subject, the less likely they will be to realise they’re being photographed.

Easter Photo Opportunities: Grandparents

Another good tip for capturing some quality candid shots is to focus on people taking part in some kind of activity, such as cooking or creating some spring time crafts. With their focus on the task at hand, they’re less likely to notice you with your camera. It also gives some really lovely context, and lends and element of storytelling to your image.

Some of the most emotive Easter photo opportunities are the intergenerational shots. Aunts and uncles, grandparents shamelessly indulging the little ones, and parents enjoying a laugh with their adult children. Look out for these interactions as they happen naturally, and again try to capture the moment before you’re noticed. And of course avoid the flash; there’s nothing like a bright flash of light to kill the moment!

We hope you’re all itching to grab your camera this coming weekend. If you have any Easter photo opportunities you can’t wait to capture, we’d love to hear about them. Feel free to share your ideas and advice in the comments below.

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  • Linda Hal says:

    Great ideas to capture the magic – I love taking pictures of our grandchildren and my all time favourite is of them sitting together laughing (none of them facing the camera). It captures the moment perfectly.

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