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7 Easy-to-Make Easter Props for Your Kids’ Photos

Little girl as Easter bunny
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Easter is just around the corner and is quickly becoming one of our favourite holidays (except for Christmas of course!). When you have little ones, you need to capture every moment. So, what could be cuter than an Easter theme? We’re thinking bunnies, chicks, pom-poms and bonnets.

Spring forward and dust off your crafts box as we take you through some of the best DIY props you can make at home to make those photos extra special. Be sure to snap away and capture the precious memories to hold on to. They’ll love you for it when they turn eighteen! 🙂

1. Pom-Pom Straw Bonnet

Because Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter bonnet parade! If you need a little inspiration for your darling’s nursery event, Hobbycraft is on hand to help. Our favourite is this pastel pom-pom number, made from a straw boater hat and complete with bunny ears – of course!

Easter bonnet

2. Crochet Bunny Hat and Nappy Cover

If you’ve got a knack for knitting, then Repeat Crafter Me has the most perfect Easter ideas for you! They’ve kindly supplied us with the patterns to create the cosiest hat and cutest matching nappy cover (with a tail!) we have ever seen. Choose your own colour combinations to suit your own newborn bunnies.

Easter knitting

3. Easy Easter Ears

If sewing isn’t your forte, we have a quick and easy Easter prop alternative for you, and it comes in the form of animal ears! You can either go completely sew-free, like Lia Griffith, or include a tiny bit of stitching as Hart & Sew suggests. Simply cut the felt shapes out and stick them to an Alice band for your little lamb to wear. Decorate them however you like, in the style of whichever animal you like.

Easter headbands

4. Pom-Pom Tail

It might be little, but this pom-pom has a big impact. Madigan Made shows us just how easy and fun it is to create; simply wrap wool yarn around a cardboard circle, trim the edges and “voila!” – your very own pom-pom! Attach it to an existing baby-grow and there you have the quickest Easter accessory yet! A useful DIY know-how for the future too!.

Pom pom bunny tail

5. Hatched Egg Basket

Here we have the subtlest of our themed props so far…the giant hatched egg – perfect for popping your beautifully dressed baby chick into. While being the biggest build, this prop is surprisingly straightforward to achieve. Ultimate Paper Mache takes us back to our Blue Peter days and shows us how to build the egg by covering a flowerpot with layers of wadded paper and tape. Who knew?!

Baby as Easter chick

6. No-Sew Easter Tutu

The Hair Bow Company has conquered all our textile fears and proven that all you need is a bit of tulle and ribbon to make a gorgeous tutu for your little one. Choose your own Easter colour palette, stick to a pastel spring selection or go for the bright yellows for chick vibes. What’s more, this would look adorable on your little angel any time of year!

Easter tutu

7. Spring Garden Swing

Finally, with spring in bloom, it’s time to get outside! Look around the garden (or Pinterest, as we have) for ideas on how to transform your garden furniture into Easter photo props. Flowers (real or artificial) can be wrapped around swings, benches or chairs, ribbons dangled and fabric draped, to set the perfect spring scene. Step out into the sunshine and take some gorgeous snaps, right before their Easter egg hunt!

Easter garden swing

Now, it’s feet up time and you can finally treat yourself to a little something from their Easter egg basket. Go on, you deserve it! 🙂

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