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Q&A: Ed Godden | Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 – Wedding Category Winner

Award-winning wedding photographer Ed Godden
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Recently we got to spend some time with Ed Godden, Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 – Wedding Category Winner, to talk about his love for photography and why he uses CEWE PHOTOBOOKS.

Ed Godden

Q. How long have you been photographing weddings?

I shot my first wedding when I was just 18. So 17 years ago!

Q. What do you love most about photographing someones big day?

Capturing candid images still gives me a huge buzz. Knowing that i’ve captured real life, as it happens, not having to stage anything. This is what documentary photography is all about.

Couple's first dance in front of wedding guests

Q. What is the most memorable wedding you’ve shot?

I photographed a lovely couple earlier this year. They were both heavily tattooed and so were the majority of their guests. Everyone was so friendly, the weather was amazing (the hottest day of the year), everyone wore amazing clothes, and the bride said something that I love to hear my couples say. “Do what you’ve got to do… we booked you because we love your photography, so just snap away!” With no request, and no orders, I had a free brief to shoot the whole day how i wanted… bliss!

Tattooed bride and groom

Q. What was your worst wedding experience?

My first ever wedding! Not because anything bad happened… just because I was SO SO nervous! I was really young to be shooting a wedding, and the pressure on me to perform and do a good job was immense. It was back in the days of film, so you can imagine how nervous I was until I got the films back from the printers. The images were actually quite good (for my first wedding). It was also a really wet day which meant most of the photos had to be done inside a really dark church.

Q. Often couples can be quite tense and stiff during their photo shoot, how do you get past this and help them relax and enjoy it?

I always make sure I spend at least half an hour sat down, having a cuppa, getting to know the people I photograph. This instantly puts people at ease, and allows them to feel like I am more of a friend, than just a stranger taking their photograph.

Brdie and groom in boat on lake beneath overcast sky

Bride and groom on verandah of tree house

Q. What are the 3 most important things a couple should do when choosing a photographer for their wedding, to avoid choosing a bad one?

1. They should make sure they meet the photographer face-to-face. You spend a lot of time with your photographer during the wedding day, so you definitely want to make sure you actually get on with them and like them!

2. You should make sure you see plenty of their work. Even ask to see a sample album, or view a few full weddings they’ve shot… even if they’re just online albums. You want to book someone that is consistently good, rather than just a one-trick pony!

3. Possibly the most vital, is to make sure that the photographer style of shooting is exactly what you both definitely want. Some are more traditional, and some are more candid and reportage (like me!). The last thing you want is to book a photographer that isn’t going to capture the day exactly how you want to remember it!

Close up of bride's pink and white bouquet

Q. What would you say to anybody reading this who is thinking about making a CEWE PHOTOBOOK to show off their wedding photos?

I’d say go for it, I choose CEWE PHOTOBOOK for the stunning print quality and because they offer me the most choice when it comes to format, paper type and cover options. My wedding couples always seem delighted when they get their finished book, so I’m definitely a fan.

My CEWE Photobook, My Life

Ed Godden Photography

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