How to Hang a Picture Perfectly, Every Time

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You’ve picked out the perfect picture, created your work of art, and we’ve delivered your new piece of wall art to your door – now you need to hang it! Whether you’ve opted for a canvas print or a framed photo poster, hanging pictures needn’t be a challenge. Follow our tips and you can create a stylish display that really enhances your room, whether you’re hanging a single picture or creating a gallery wall.

Work Out Your Art to Wall Ratio

A bare wall can be quite daunting when you’re trying to decide which size wall art to hang. You don’t want to overwhelm the wall, or leave your artwork looking lost, so do a quick sum to figure out which size is best for your wall.

Wall to art ratio


Find the Right Height

You want to position your wall art where it can be enjoyed from around the room, and where it looks in proportion. Here are two methods you could follow.

The museum approach

Intuition approach

Work with Your Room

Display your wall art so it complements the other elements in your room. The best approach will vary depending on where you’re hanging your masterpiece.

Work with your room

Hanging More than One Piece?

Been inspired by some creative picture hanging ideas you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest? If you want to create a gallery wall with more than one piece of wall art, plan your layout before you take up your hammer! Our framed photo posters are perfect for putting together your own gallery wall, and with 18 different frame designs to choose from, you can easily find one to suit your home. Alternatively, why not order a few different frames to create a stylish mix and match?


Salon Style

Showcase that one statement piece as the focal point of your wall.

Salon style

Hanging Grid Style

Perfect for a series of smaller pieces.

Hanging grid style

Armed with this handy guide, hopefully you’ll be able to hang your lovely works of wall art with ease. Good luck!

Images courtesy of MADE.

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