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Your Holiday Snapshot Checklist

children playing on beachside
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You’ve found a flight to somewhere sunny, got your best bikini at the ready, and learned how to request two beers in the local lingo – you’re well and truly off on your holidays!If you’re planning to make a holiday photo book when you’re back on home soil, there are a few shots that will really make your holiday album stand out. Get these on your camera roll and making a beautiful photo book will as easy as saying yes to another cocktail!

Capture the whole journey

Tell the story of your whole trip in pictures by taking photos of every bit of your journey. Keep your camera close by in your hand luggage and you’ll be ready for any photo opportunity.Close up of plane propeller

Don’t miss the details

Close-up shots of pretty details will make great background images for your photo book pages. Mosaic tiles, shells on the beach, even the fabric of your summer dress will all look brilliant as backgrounds.Pebbles on seashore

Include mementos

From boarding passes to bus tickets and restaurant bills, you’ll probably have a purse full of mini holiday mementos, and all of these will add interest to the pages of your photo book.Whilst you’re away, take photos of your room key, favourite cocktail or the best spot beside the pool to remember those little things that made your holiday your own.Close up of passport stamps

Go underwater

If your phone or camera are designed for underwater photography, take the plunge and capture the fun of swimming, snorkelling and splashing around.Dad and child playing in pool

Have some #nofilter fun

Things always look brighter and better on holiday, so forget the filters and let the natural beauty of your surroundings shine. Those stunning holiday views, printed on one of our beautiful signature photo papers, will make for a photo book that doesn’t need a filter to look fantastic.Beach captured on camera phone

Take plenty of panoramic shots

From the beach to the view from your balcony, there are plenty of panoramas to enjoy on holiday. Capture these on camera and they’ll make perfect double page spreads for your photo book.beach sunsetGet these holiday snapshots in the bag and you’ll have plenty to work with when making your photo book. Happy holidaying!Already been on your holiday? Time to turn those summery snaps into your very own photo album.

Make Your Photo Book

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