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Our Hygge Inspired Decor Tips

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas
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The Danish brought us Hygge and the Scottish brought us Còsagach, but whatever you call it, the concept’s the same; it’s all about trying to find perfect moments of cosiness and comfort. It’s a growing trend that many of us have embraced as a lifestyle change, and for good reason; if you want to beat the winter blues, nestling down and learning to revel in the joy of getting snug is a great place to start.

What better way to get cosy through these winter months than adding a touch of Hygge-inspired decor to your home? We’ve gathered some of our favourite ideas to add a more homely touch to your living space, to help warm you up all the way into spring.

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas

Add a Hygge Feel To Your Living Space

It just takes a few simple and easy changes to transform your home into a more Hygge-friendly environment. We’ve tried to keep a focus on the simplistic and stylistically pure feel Scandi design is known for, but combined with your own favourite wintry photographs, to help keep your space feeling personal and unique to you.

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas

Stay true to the minimalist essence of Scandi style by avoiding fussy photo frames. Bulldog clips hung on nails and screws might seem like a starkly utilitarian choice, but grouped together they make a strong impact. It’s inexpensive, and allows your gorgeous pictures to be the star of the show.

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas

If you’d really like to welcome winter with open arms, enjoy our free Let It Snow downloadable image. Print and display alongside some of your own Photo Prints, featuring any of your favourite wintertime pictures, to add visual interest and variety.

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas! Their twinkling light is a welcome addition on dark mornings, and they make for a lovely finishing touch in your wintry room. Opt for relatively small lights in a mild white colour, to add a warmth that’s cheery yet still undeniably chic.

Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas!

And there you have it, just a few simple steps to completely transform your space. This effect looks best if you choose a range of photo prints in different sizes, to keep it looking informal and comfortably cosy.

Hygge Inspired Decor Ideas

If our tutorial has inspired you to spend more time indoors, creating your next CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect Hygge activity! Snuggle up in some thick blankets with your laptop, and enjoy some quiet time getting creative.

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