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4 Ways to Jazz up your Birthday Party Invitation Designs

jazz up your birthday party invitations with cewe
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How do guests first find out about parties? Invitations. A party invitation is your chance to make a good first impression – if you have eye-catching invitations, your guests are going to be full of anticipation for the upcoming event.

But what can you do to make your invitations stand out? We’ve chosen our favourite ways to jazz up birthday invitations. So, if you’re looking for birthday invitation design ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Birthday Invitation Ideas

Follow a theme

party invitation ideas- follow your party's themePlanning a themed birthday party? Whatever theme you choose, whether it’s a 1920s Great Gatsby or Disney princess theme, make sure your invitations match. It will give your guests an idea of what to expect and give them plenty of warning in case there’s anything they need to prepare, such as costumes or props!

It’s not only the birthday invitation design you can get creative with – your wording should follow the theme too. If you’re having a pirate themed party for example, channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow with as much pirate speech as you can. And if anyone can’t make the party, they can walk the plank!

The theme can have an influence on the shape of your invitations. If you go for a music themed party, you could send invitations in the shape of vinyl records or CDs. There’s plenty of ways to get inspired with invitation design ideas.

Add video

Make your invitations truly personal by adding video. We love doing this in two ways:

  • Email and social media offer you inexpensive, modern opportunities to send your invitations. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may want to record individual messages for each guest, or just send the same message to everyone. It’s entirely up to you. You can easily make your videos in one take using your smartphone’s front camera. And if you’re pushed for time, you can send them out directly from there.
  • If you would prefer to send physical invitations to your guests, you can still send video invitations. When you use CEWE Design Software to create your unique birthday party invitations, you can add videos that appear as QR codes. The recipient can then scan the code with their smartphone and watch your video. This is a great way to add any extra information to the invitation. If it’s for a kid’s birthday party, why not give clues to the types of games or activities to do at the party? Or if you’re throwing a Murder Mystery party, a video clue about your guest’s character will help them prepare for their role. You could even notify the murderer ahead of the event…

Consider the images

birthday invitation design use templates and your own picturesInvitations featuring themed cartoon pictures are easy to find on the high street. Why not make your invitations more personal with a picture of the birthday girl/boy? You can create custom scenes, following the party’s theme. For a kid’s pirate themed party, why not do a simple at-home photo shoot in pirate attire? All you need is a costume and a blank wall, and use clip-art and templates to set the scene. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural designer, our CEWE Design Software has plenty of templates to choose from. Let your imagination run wild, giving guests an idea of what they can expect from the party.

The invitation that serves a purpose

Your birthday invitations have so much more potential than just giving guests the time, date and location of your party. This is important for children’s parties. If there’s going to be a treasure hunt, you could put a unique clue on each invitation, so everyone starts off looking for different clues. But if someone forgets to bring their invitation with them, they’ll be at a major disadvantage. Alternatively, you could include a full treasure hunt map with each clue’s location.

Combining theme and purpose is a great way to create innovative birthday invitations. If you choose a more formal theme, invitations could serve as tickets for entry. Ask your guests to show their invitation on arrival, just as if they were going to a ball or other formal event.

Add embellishments

invitation design ideas A card invitation is nice to look at, but why not add embellishments for a lovely tactile effect? If you’re making your invitations by hand, you can add an accent of lace or paper craft layers. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort that went into making their party invitations. Whereas if you’re looking for a really classy finish, embossing and highlights are a beautiful way to make your party invitations look extra special. They look great on wedding invitations, but would also be perfect for a milestone birthday party invitation, such as a 50th.

Create unique birthday invitations

Making parties unique is a great way to make sure guests are talking about it for weeks to come. And you can build anticipation for your party with unique and creative invitations. Whether you add videos to give your guests clues for what they can expect or make them an integral part of one of your activities, your invitations can make your party the biggest social event in all your guests’ calendars!

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    You have a great tool. I ended up with a great invitation. I used as inspiration a design from Pixteller, hope you don’t mind 🙂

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