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Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family
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The summer holidays are in full swing and so is your holiday packing, right? With everything going on, we can guarantee that you’re worried you’re going to forget something and only realise when you’re halfway to your destination.   

As we’ve been delving into the UK’s favourite staycations for our Best of Britain campaign, we’ve picked up a bit of knowledge to help make your holiday as easy as possible. In the hope of helping you out a little bit, read on to find out our tips for those last-minute panics.

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family - family at the beach

Check Your Car Before You Head Off

If you’re road-tripping to your destination or just have a long drive to the airport, the most important thing to do is to give your car the once over before setting off. Better still, set some time aside a few days before to allow a few days to fix any car casualties.

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family. Luggage photo
  • Check your tyres (and spare tyre too!)
  • Top up your windscreen washer fluid
  • Check that your lights are clean, working and in top condition
  • Dig out the Sat Nav and make sure it’s alive and updated
  • Empty the boot from excess weight (as it uses more fuel)

If you’re planning on driving to Europe, remember to check the individual laws that each country has on the road. For example, did you know that ‘disposable breathalyser kits remain on the list of items you are required to take with you when you drive in France? Well, now you do!

Prepare for ‘Are We There Yet?’

You know it’s going to happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Make sure you’re prepped with lots of car snacks and armed with even more games to pass the time. We’d recommend…

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family. Road trip.
  • Eye Spy (a classic!)
  • Number Plate Game
  • Road Trip Bingo
  • The Rhyming Game
  • Hangman
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • CEWE Pairs game

If you’re heading further afield and are hopping on a plane, preparation is still key. Although you’ll have to buy your drinks after security, there are a few tricks you can do beforehand to make the journey fly by (in addition to fitting as many snacks as you can in your bag!) For the little ones, take the time to download a few of their favourite films or TV shows on your tablet or phone – but remember your headphones as the passengers around you may not have the same taste in entertainment!

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family. Above the clouds

Capture Your Holiday Memories

If you’re going to be embarking on a family adventure, you need to make sure you capture it. Holidays may not last a lifetime but memories can! Whether you own a professional set up or plan to use your phone, remember to pack everything you need to take fantastic family photos. That includes chargers, extra storage and equipment such as tripods and lenses.

Leave Your Home as a Safe Haven

There’s nothing worse than returning from an amazing holiday and a long journey to find a messy house with no food. It may seem like a lot to think about, but a little bit of extra preparation will make that first step into your home feel like heaven. To ease back into your routine, stock up on food that will stay fresh while you’re away for you to tuck into when you’re home. After all, everyone loves a frozen pizza!

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family. Break, milk, bread and eggs

If you’re only away for the weekend, the morning of your departure is a great time to buy some fresh milk and bread to have on hand for your arrival home (especially if you were dreaming of a cup of tea while the kids were being noisy in the back seat…)

Last but Not Least…

Make sure you lock up. Double check all the windows and doors before setting off – there’s nothing worse than being a couple of hours away from home and realising that you may have left a window open. You’ll thank yourself for that last check around your home – believe us!

If you’re still prone to panicking, we suggest leaving a spare key with a close relative or trusted friend while you’re away for added peace of mind.

Top Tip: If you have a tendency to worry about whether you’ve turned the hob off, closed the windows, switched off your hair straighteners or locked the door, try taking a photo to make yourself feel better later!

Last Minute Holiday Tips For The Whole Family. Key in door.

When You Get Home

When you’re home and settled, don’t let the amazing photographs of your holiday sit on your camera roll. Our Best of Britain study told us that 46% of respondents admitted to not doing anything with their photos once they’ve returned home, which we want to change!

In an era where digital storage holds all of our favourite memories with our favourite people, we have a lot of trust in technology to keep them safe. If you want to preserve your memories in a quick and easy way, get them printed – simple. Our CEWE PHOTOBOOK is loved by so many for good reason. Grab a cup of tea (with that milk, you so cleverly bought before your holiday) upload your photos to the CEWE Design Software and get creative. Once you’re done, you’ll have all your memories in the palm of your hand (and ready to pass down to the next generation.)

Pure Photo Book

Wherever you’re adventuring this summer, we hope you have a magical time! Don’t forget to share your holiday pictures with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CEWEphoto – we’ll repost our favourites!

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