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How To Make A New Year’s Photo Wreath

create festive a wreath photo
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Celebrating the new year is a great opportunity for spending time with family and friends and looking forward together, so why not welcome 2018 with a little extra festivity and glam? Follow our easy tutorial and you can create your very own photo wreath to impress your guests this New Year’s Day. This horizontal hanging wreath combines a traditional holiday decoration with a modern twist, featuring your own pictures for extra personality.

The foliage and fronds needed for our wreath tutorial can be easily bought at most florists. But if you prefer, it’s more fun to forage your own and enjoy the opportunity to get yourself out for a brisk winter walk with the family.

Create a holiday photo wreath

What you’ll need

  • Metal wreath frame
  • Stainless steel fishing wire or other strong wire for crafting or beading
  • Fairy lights
  • Secateurs
  • Twigs, foliage, evergreen leaves and sprigs
  • Bulldog clips
  • CEWE Retro Prints
  • CEWE Mini Prints

How to make a photo wreath

How To Make Your Photo Wreath

Your first step is to prepare the various foliage and twigs. Select pieces that are flexible and can be easily bent around your wreath frame. It’s best to trim down any twigs and sticks that protrude too much, to help keep your wreath looking tidy and neat.

Create your own wreath

Next, bend your pieces of foliage closely around the outer circle of the wreath frame, and secure using your craft or fishing wire. A variety of leaves and textures looks the best, building up in layers as you go. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, such as adding holly berries for pops of festive colour.

create wreath with photos

Once you’re happy with your greenery and the outer ring is evenly covered, it’s time for a bit of twinkly glamour! Add your fairy lights by carefully winding them around the outer ring, weaving through twigs and foliage as you go.

adding fairy lights to the wreath

Your basic wreath is now complete, and can be hung from the ceiling using good strong fishing or craft wire.

Now you can see how your photo wreath hangs, you can go to town making it personal and uniquely you! Use your favourite photographs in a combination of CEWE Retro Prints and CEWE Mini Prints to add visual interest, easily hung from your wreath using plain bulldog clips.hanging a holiday wreath

Adding the happy faces of your friends and family is a fabulous way to celebrate the people who you’d love to spend 2018 with. Mix in a few of your favourite motivational quotes and messages, for a gorgeous and unique way to wish everyone a happy new year. Whether you’re sitting down for a meal with the family or throwing a fun New Year’s Eve party, your photo wreath is a personal touch your guests will love.

New Years Eve Party

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