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Photo Books vs Photo Albums

photo books vs photo albums
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photo books vs photo albums

Your precious memories shouldn’t be forgotten – they should be celebrated. And what better way of doing so than presenting them in a photo book or photo album? That way, you have easy access to all your photos and prized memories, perfect for savouring among friends and family. But what is the difference between a photo book and photo album? The products seem similar, but there are some major differences between the two.

What’s the difference between a photo book and a photo album?

What is a photo album?

Traditional photo albums typically have small sections where you can add individually printed photos. The idea with photo albums is to avoid having hundreds of photo prints boxed away, never to see the light of day. You could spend hours deciding which photos you want to put in your albums, selecting each family memory individually. It is a time-consuming process, but one that could be lovingly pored over with family and friends. Other photo albums are more like scrapbooks, where you stick prints into an album, adding a creative touch to the entire process.

What is a photo book?

With a photo book, you don’t add photos one at a time – instead, you select all the photos you want to include before your photo book is made. You design your perfect photo book either online or using CEWE Design Software. It’s a real time saver. Whether you want to preserve your wedding day, look back on your annual family getaway, or record baby’s first steps, the options for creativity are endless. Photo books are fully customisable: you can change as many aspects as you like. Create a holiday timeline, or add captions to your favourite moments. You could even create your own story to read to your little one, featuring early photos of family memories.

Photo Book vs Photo Album: What’s the difference?

Photo AlbumPhoto Book
Choosing PhotosChoose your photos as you go, build your photo album slowly.Choose all the photos you want to include online or with software.
How many photos can I have?You are limited by the amount of space available in your photo album. For example, 30 spaces = 30 photos.You can include as many photos as you like. There’s the option to have more than one photo on a page – it’s entirely up to you.
Paper typesThis depends on the type of paper used during the printing process – the album itself won’t make a difference. Generally, this will be the standard photo paper used by photo printers.Choose the type of paper you want, and your photos will be printed onto the paper directly. You can choose a matte or gloss finish if you like – and there’s even the option to choose paper the professionals use.
Cover optionsMost photo album covers are not customisable, and you’d have to make any changes yourself.You can fully customise your photo book’s cover – include a selection of what’s inside or choose something completely different.
Can I have more than one?If you print multiple copies of your photos and buy more than one album.Yes, you can create as many identical photo books as you like. Share them with relatives to keep everyone in the loop.
Can I change the photos I’ve chosen?Yes – if you decide you want to change your stored photos you can.No – not when your book has been printed. If you want to change your photos, you’ll have to update the whole photo book.
How much space will it take up?This can depend on the number of photos you include in the album. Constantly adding photos can result in a bigger album, taking up more space.This depends on the size of book you choose. As your book comes with all photos printed, there’s no need to add extra photos. Photo books will take up the same space as a similarly sized book.

Photo Book vs Photo Album: Which is right for me?

Now you know the difference between a photo book and an album, you can decide which is the right option for you. If you’re likely to want to change the photos you display on a regular basis, consider a photo album. If, however, you want modern, professional looking pages of photos filled with all your precious memories, we recommend a photo book. You can customise everything – from cover options, paper types and the photos themselves. Want to show off your favourite photos? Resize them if you like – not something you can do with a photo album. Want to preserve your favourite photos? Create your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK today.

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    Have acquired a second grand child – have a huge collection of photographs – all A6 – need to store them. Looks like a Photo Album is required

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