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Tips for the Green Fingered Photographer

Garden photography
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If you’re the green fingered sort who enjoys nothing more than tending to your garden, we’ve put together some handy tips to help you take better pictures of your pride and joy. Summer’s on its way, so now’s the perfect time to master garden photography ready to capture your outside space at its best.

Garden photography

Check the Forecast

You’ll be pleased to learn that although our lovely English weather isn’t ideal for picnics or trips to the beach, it is pretty perfect for garden photography. Your garden will look its best in softer light rather than the harsh sun, and since we don’t get too much of that you should be just fine!

Luckily for us, rain isn’t a problem either. In fact, a recent shower will make your plants and flowers glisten beautifully. In the summer months, take photos early in the morning or at dusk so the sun isn’t at its peak.

Garden photography

Focus on the Details

Get face to face with your flowers and capture the pretty little details that make your garden unique. An overall shot of your garden may be tricky to master, especially with so much going on in the picture, whereas focusing on the details will give you more interesting photos.

The macro setting on your camera will come in handy for close up shots, and you may also like to check out our macro photography tips to begin learning how to become a macro master.

Garden photography

Avoid Using Flash

As well as capturing your perfectly manicured lawn and beautiful blooms, garden photography is also about capturing the lovely natural light. With this in mind, forget the flash altogether. In the right conditions you just won’t need it, and your plants will look perfect as they are.

Garden photography

Go for a Short Depth of Focus

For close ups, put the focus on the subject (or flower) at hand by using the smallest aperture setting on your camera to blur the background.

Garden photography

Remember the Rule of Thirds

Any good photographer knows that the rule of thirds is one of the most important ones to follow! Make sure you don’t place your subject in the centre of your picture; instead position it to the left or the right to create a more interesting image.

Garden photography

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to take some blooming marvellous pictures of your garden this summer – perfect for creating a photo book filled with natural beauty 🙂

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