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Safe Snapping: How to Travel Safely with Your Camera

Camera by lake
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Wherever you’re heading on holiday, your camera will probably be one of the first things you pack. Whichever corner of the globe you end up in, there are a few things to consider to ensure you have a safe and trouble free trip. Here are our top tips for travelling safely when you’re taking photos.

Man taking photograph

Get Insured

However cautious you might be, accidents happen, so make sure you insure your kit, especially if you’ve splashed out on a new camera for your adventure. There are specialist policies to cover cameras, or you can include your kit in your home and contents insurance which might be more cost-effective.

Disguise Your Camera

A shiny new camera could make you a target for thieves, so one trick is to disguise your camera by making it look old and about-to-fall-apart. Some strategically placed brown tape should do the job of making it appear more battered than it is.

If you do have a particularly high end camera, consider changing the strap so it isn’t advertising an expensive brand.

Photographer by lake

Take One Bag

Make sure your equipment all fits in just the one bag. Keep everything securely in your backpack – including your camera, which is safer tucked away than hanging around your neck. A backpack will keep your hands free for snapping your shots, and specialist backpacks designed for photographers will provide easy access to your camera when a photo opportunity arises.

Only Pack the Essentials

Plan ahead the kind of shots you want to take before you pack your kit. For example, are you really going to need a tripod? Like any holiday suitcase, there’ll always be those things you simply never use, so avoid the extra weight before you go by getting organised and taking only the most essential stuff.

Packing light will also reduce the value of your baggage too, making you less attractive to thieves!

Man taking photo

Back Everything Up

After travelling to the perfect spot to take that special photo, you want to make sure you don’t lose it. If your equipment is lost or gets stolen, you’ll want to be able to recover your images. Equipment can be replaced but photographs can’t!

Take spare memory cards with you and back everything up regularly, or take advantage of cloud storage to store everything extra securely.

Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll have a happy and safe trip taking lots of lovely photos. Happy travels!

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