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Calendar Inspiration

Want to make your own calendar but not sure where to begin? Use our calendar inspiration to help you get started. Get inspired and create online today.

Your calendar does so much more than just keep track of dates and events you’ve got coming up. It’s a great way to show off extra photos around your house, whether on a wall or desk top. The beauty of a photo calendar is that you can choose your favourite photos for each month and enjoy them all year long.

Not sure what type to make? For calendar inspiration, look no further. Here are just some of the different types you can make using the CEWE Design Software.

Baby Photo Calendar

What better way to look back on baby’s first year than by creating a calendar full of your favourite memories? Better still, the beauty of creating with CEWE is that you can choose any starting month, so you don’t have to wait until January to get started with your baby photo calendar. In fact, super-cute shots of your little one can make a great mid-year gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles too.

Valentine’s Calendar

Spread a bit of Valentine’s love with a cute his and hers personalised calendar. Simply choose a selection of your favourite photos, then personalise your Valentine’s calendar with a wide selection of background designs and clip art, perfect for making it unique.

Making a his and hers personalised calendar? Why not add in columns to keep track of each person’s events? Choose three columns, with space for his, hers and joint events. The perfect finishing touch!

Christmas Photo Calendars

Count down to Christmas with a different kind of calendar… a personalised Advent Calendar! Choose a photo (make it Christmassy if you like) and your chocolates. Ours are available with milk chocolate, Kinder or Ferrero.

Is chocolate not your thing? Why not add your own little gifts into your personalised Christmas calendar? Whether it’s for the kids, a family member or a work colleague, put in little gifts to spoil them throughout December. From small toys to delicious baked goods, the options are endless with personalised Christmas calendars.

Holiday Photo Calendars

Choose your favourite photos from holidays gone by. From time spent relaxing on the beach to city breaks to visits to the countryside, the best holiday photo calendars should be full of happy memories you can look back on throughout the year. Try selecting seasonal photos – go for skiing holidays in winter months, beach holidays in the summer and leafy country strolls for the Autumn.

Are you super organised? Are all your holidays planned for the next few months? With our easy-to-use software you can add in your dates as you make it, so they’re there when your calendar arrives. Now the countdown to your next holiday can begin!


When you take a really good photo, and you are over the moon with your effort there is no better place to take it to than CEWE who turn your dreams into a reality time after time. 

Lee Ullyott

I ordered eight CEWE Calendars of three different designs on Sunday and had them delivered to my home by courier on the following Friday. I have been ordering calendars and photo books from CEWE for many years and have never been disappointed. I am pleased to recommend highly the quality of their service and products.

Eric Beatty

We ordered a 2019 calendar from CEWE and we were impressed with the service and delighted with the quality of the printing. We are now planning put a photo-book together and order another calendar!

Edwin Moorhouse


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