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Image Restoration from CEWE Memories

Protect Your Precious Photos & Videos with CEWE Memories

We all love to look back over old pictures and watch videos so we can relive the happy times we captured on film, though it can be difficult to find a projector or VHS player every time you want to reminisce. That’s where our CEWE Memories service can help. We can scan and digitise analogue media including slides, prints, VHS tape and Ciné film, allowing you to enjoy your old pictures and videos with ease for generations to come

Photo Cabinet

Treasure Your Old Family Snaps & Videos

Your images will be saved to DVD, letting you view and share your precious memories with friends & family. Once your photos are digitised, you can use them to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, calendar or any other photo product, giving your memories a new and accessible lease of life.

VHS, SVHS, Ciné film and other moving image formats are digitised prior to being saved to DVD, making it easy to relive those special home movies whenever you like

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Restore Your Favourite Pictures

Our Image Restoration service allows us to fully repair and restore your worn or damaged photos. Using advanced editing software, we can digitally repair the photo, restoring it to its former glory. Rips, colour fading and missing elements can all be fixed, allowing you to keep your old memories alive through your treasured photographs.

To get started, simply take your old prints, slides or film footage to selected Boots stores.